• http://itsonlytwocents.blogspot.com/ peter

    my wife said she saw on their window that the store is for sale for $110k

  • Stephen

    Yes, I was saddened to see this too recently.

    So Jim, you said that you rode your bike to Great Valu. Were you able to recover the one that was stolen or did you go get a new one?

  • kyle

    Ya, apparently the store was not profitable for some time. Seems like the coming Harris Teeter might also play a role…

    Bummer though, it was a good alternative to Poor Value.

  • Richard Tanson

    Sorry to disagree, but no great loss. The store was absurdly overpriced.

  • Ron

    This has been known to us shoppers there for several weeks already.
    It was for sale for several months. The only place to get good meat products (i.e. no hormones antibiotics).

  • sarah

    Did they move to the Great Value? Is the space available and if so, who is selling/renting?