What do We Want Crozet to Be?

I posted the following thought on the RealCrozetVA facebook page and it generated quite a few thoughtful comments, but I much prefer to center the conversation here. That said, the comments added to my original thought by changing my premise from “what do we want Crozet to be” to first, let’s define the Crozet culture as it currently is and then define what we want Crozet to look like.

This is something that is been going through my head for the last 12 or 18 months: what is Crozet going to look like in 12 or 20 years? More importantly, what do we want it to look like in 12 or 20 years?

Our town is going to change. That is a known known. But what are the unknowns? Will we encourage the homogenization that is happening in Charlottesville? Will we be able to encourage adoption of the Crozet
culture to those who are new?

If we don’t plan (and act!) accordingly and wisely for the coming growth – the school traffic coming from Old Trail comes to mind as well as the traffic to and from all the schools in the mornings and afternoons, and presumably more when Re-Store ‘n Station opens, and from Westlake Hills – then Crozet won’t be as wonderful a place to live as it is now.

I love Crozet; we’ve been here for 11 years (I think) and I intend to be here for a long time. I make my living representing buyers and sellers moving to and from Crozet, so I have a different perspective than many, but my goal remains to work to do whatever I can to keep and make Crozet a special place to be.

I’m posting below the comments from the conversation … please, take some time to read them all (and thank you to everyone who has already commented). They’re thoughtful, insightful comments about what Crozet was, is and could be. I’ll call out this one as I think it well articulates what most may be thinking:

I think we have to combine and find the way to bring the new into the fold of the old unique Crozet so we can grow together.

* For the purposes of this conversation, “Crozet” means (very roughly) – from the railroad bridge at 240/250 intersection to Greenwood Gourmet just past 64 to about two miles past Crozet Elementary. Seriously. Getting into a discussion about “what are the boundaries of Crozet” won’t serve this discussion well … and may lead to moderation of comments.”

What do we want Crozet to be?

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We had this problem in Colorado. Many people from different areas moved to the are we lived. Everyone that had left their areas because they didn’t care for it, brought that to the new space…. And, since it was the only thing they knew, started to ma…See MoreBeth Seliga
Just my two cents. To have a culture means to be known for something. There has to be something that the whole town centers around. We see this easily on college campuses with outstanding sport teams, namely football and basketball. College campuses ac…See MoreAndrew Wymer
I think we have to combine and find the way to bring the new into the fold of the old unique Crozet so we can grow together. Jennie Lafferty More
These questions need to be raised. Even though we have a master plan, there is still a lot of development to come. What do we want for the ACME visible records property? For the lumber yard? The county seems to think only in term of "light industrial" or office parks. Does Crozet want to become an outpost of Northern Virginia? Or do we want to live in an unique community that can combine and apply the traditions and history of Crozet with experience and expertise of people who are new to the community, in order to craft a town that that is both livable and economically viable?Lisa Goehler
It is true that there are A LOT of new homes and far less trees, a fact that I have accepted. My fear is that as commercial growth prospers in Old Trail and on 250 it takes away from the actual Crozet Village…our heart. That is where I want to see new local businesses grow and prosper. I don’t want to see the satellite commercial clusters fail. I wish them no ill will, but I fear it will pull away from growth in the Village…and there is the rub…where does the village grow. There are some unused spaces, but not lots of commercial space to grow into. I don’t know the details of what is happening with the old Barnes Lumber Mill, but even though that property is zoned industrial I think it is a ideal space for growth in the village…in the "real" Crozet. My family’s history is so intertwined with Crozet I feel such a strong connection to the area. I moved away for 10 years and now I am back in the home that my family built over 100 years ago. I don’t know what Crozet will look like in 10 or 20 years, but i know my family and I will be here to see it.Jennie Lafferty More
I miss the old Crozet. It seems that is all about Old Trail. I would like to see Gola’s Restaurant and Miss Ida’s on 250, Pop and Etha’s, Acme and Morton’s on 240. The Crozet pool room and the old National Bank columns on Main Street. Miss catching pigeons in the old cold storage and climbing the water tower behind the cold storage and Bill Hall. Miss sneaking a beer at the Oak Grove.Who remembers??Randy Snow
What is the Crozet culture? I came out here because I enjoy the mountains, the wineries, walking the trails and walking my dog. I am amazed at how few people I meet on these walks in comparison to the number of cars that fly by. I was in one of the restaurants last night and there were 5 tables occupied, when we got there and we were the only ones there by the time the main course arrived. What does Crozet want to be know for. I am struggling to figure it outLinda Scotland Leiser
I grew up in Crozet and recently moved away, but my greatest hope is that when I return to raise my kids, its essence will remain unchanged.Andrew Robb
‘It ain’t the small town it use to be’Connie Sandridge
sad! there has already been to much change! depressing to see so many houses & so few trees!Vickey McCue

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