Safe Route to Crozet Elementary update

Remember the Safe Routes to School grant from a number of years ago?

Today would be a good time to email the county Board of Supervisors saying you want them to make those improvements this year.

This is the only improvement made to that route in the past five years – for which I (and many others) are immensely grateful. Really. It makes riding bikes a lot more accessible.



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  • John Hilker

    Does anyone know how the vote went on this Wednesday night?

    • John Hilker

      I stand corrected – the meeting was yesterday afternoon!

      • John Hilker

        Just got an email from Ann Mallek that this passed with flying colors. Appears they now need to buy the land, advertise for the job, get a good bid, and get to work. It appears construction won’t start until next spring.

        • Jim Duncan

          Thanks, John!

          Sounds like there are a few steps that need to happen before they can actually start. Darn it.

          • John Hilker

            We were hoping so, too. We live along that part of Crozet Ave where the sidewalk is some 8 to 10 feet above the road. Moving the sidewalk down to road level will make it safer not only for pedestrians, but also for motorists, as it will increase visibility in both directions. A win win situation for all concerned.

            Now, if we could only get something done about the sidewalk on St George Ave. It’s in terrible shape.

          • Edward Strauss

            Keeping pedestrians away from traffic is a good thing. In my opinion it would be a waste of money to bring the sidewalk to road level. There is nothing unsafe about this situation.

          • Jim Duncan

            I have to agree with this part – keeping pedestrians separated is a good thing.

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