Neighborhood Funding Initiative Meeting Recap

How would you spend a couple hundred thousand dollars in Crozet? That was the focus of the meeting on Wednesday night at Crozet Elementary.


Keep in mind that this money is to be split amongst 7 CACs.

Background on the Neighborhood Funding Initiative.



I wasn’t able to make the meeting, but offer big thanks to those who were there who tweeted.

Click through for the tweets; there’s a lot of good information there.

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Crozet Board of Trade Meeting – 20 March 2017

Remember … local politics are where your voice can (hopefully) matter the most. Also, I’d advise walking or riding bicycles …

via email:

Dear Crozet Board of Trade —

The street design of The Square will be our main topic when we meet again next Monday, the 20th, at Crozet Pizza restaurant at 7:30. County facilities director Trevor Henry and transportation engineer Jack Kelsey will present the county’s plans for renovating The Square, which the county discovered that it owns last year. The prospect is a one-way street accessible from Crozet Avenue with angled parking. Come see and let’s give the county some feedback on a project that is critical to downtown.
We also have several new businesses who will be there to introduce themselves and join our company in working to build Crozet’s prosperity.
We’ll meet in the former location of Over the Moon Bookstore, which is now part of Crozet Pizza and offers a quiet room. Food and beer is handy, of course. The meeting will last no more than an hour. Stick around and visit afterward.

Remember, besides the parking space in front or at The Depot, there’s parking behind the Fruit Growers Building, including 16 spaces that were recently paved.
See you there!

Mike Marshall
President, CBT

Temporary Signal at 151/250

via email:

To improve safety, the Virginia Department of Transportation is installing a temporary signal at the intersection of Route 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike) and Route 151 (Critzers Shop Road) in Afton, near the Nelson County line.

An advance warning flasher on Route 250 eastbound, which has a steep downgrade, will accompany the signal to alert motorists when the signal ahead is yellow or red.

Beginning this week through late April, motorists should stay alert for intermittent lane closures controlled by flagging.

A more extensive project is in development to convert the intersection to a roundabout. The safety improvement project will address a history of turning-related crashes at the high-volume intersection. Route 250 carries 6,700 vehicles per day and Route 151 carries 10,000 with about seven percent truck traffic daily on both routes. Pending funding approval, preliminary engineering on the project will begin in 2018.

But y’all knew that if you followed RealCrozetVA on Instagram. 🙂



Crozet Trails Add to Crozet’s Connectivity


It’s amazing that you can get from Western Ridge, Cory Farm, Highlands, Westhall … all on paths, on foot or on bicycle, and not in a car.  Thanks to the Crozet Trails Crew.

A few upcoming dates of note



Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative

Update 9 March 2017:  Please see this Google Form —  Crozet-area Community Neighborhood Project Brainstorm. Sorry for the late notice; this is the first I’ve seen this as I missed the email on 3 March from the County.

via press release:

Crozet’s meetings are:

March 15 & April 19 | 7PM
Crozet Elementary cafeteria

Is there a small-scale improvement, like walking trails or playground equipment, that would benefit your community? Or the need for a planning or design study for a future improvement? The Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative is a new, one-time program approved by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to drive investment in quality-of-life projects in the County’s development areas.

County residents are invited to participate in a series of community meetings happening in the development areas to identify and then
prioritize projects for your area. Read on to learn more about this initiative.

Development areas are the urbanized portions of the County and include the urban ring around the City of Charlottesville, the 29 North corridor, Pantops, Crozet, and the Village of Rivanna. Each area has a master plan and a Board-appointed Community Advisory Committee to help implement the plan. View a map of the development areas and find the Community Advisory Committee nearest you!

During March and April, the seven Community Advisory Committees will hold community meetings to identify quality-of-life projects (March) and then prioritize them (April). We invite anyone in the community to participate in these meetings in-person (or before the meeting, online).

Delivery Agent (neé MusicToday) Closing?

via Alison Wrabel at The Daily Progress:

Delivery Agent Holdings Corporation, the company that acquired Musictoday, has filed a notice that it is closing its Crozet location on Feb. 22 and will lay off 134 employees, according to the Virginia Workforce Network’s Rapid Response program.

The director of human resources at Delivery Agent in Crozet said she was not aware of the layoffs and closure notice, and requests for comment from Delivery Agent were not returned.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, known as WARN, requires employers who are planning a plant closing or a mass layoff to give affected employees at least 60 days notice of such an employment action.

But just because company files a WARN notice does not mean the layoffs must occur, officials said. Companies that are reorganizing or selling may file the notice but may retain employees and continue operation after reorganization or sale.

 September 2016 – Delivery Agent (used to be Music Today) Files for Bankruptcy


h/t Crozet Today.