$9 Million for a Road to Downtown Crozet & Square Improvements?

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports (read the whole thing)

A new report, which was prepared by Municap, Inc., proposes the developer and county split the costs of public improvements for the property, with the developer paying approximately $4.45 million and the county paying $4.72 million. The county’s costs would specifically go towards constructing a civic plaza space and a road that connects downtown to nearby Parkside Village.

The Parkside Village connector is estimated to cost $1.57 million and the Crozet Plaza $3.15 million. The report projects that the various forms of tax revenue resulting from redevelopment of the property — including real property, sales, meals, transient and personal property taxes — would leave the county with a net surplus of $18.15 million in tax revenue after the bondholders are repaid.

Here’s the corresponding RealCrozetVA FB post.

CCAC Wrap-up – 21 June 2017

Lots of stuff was discussed tonight. Crozet’s drinking water, Bike & Pedestrian update (Crozet Trails, retrofitting infrastructure), NIFI (don’t know what NIFI is? Keep reading.) Western Park funding (actually, no-funding) and a bit more.

Dig in. Lots and lots of relevant information in tonight’s meeting. Please read the tweets, and ask questions.

  • Update: I did some googling for the original Western Park plans .. my, my, those were bold (and un-funded) hopes and dreams.
    • From the Crozet Gazette. In June 2008. Soccer fields, pavilions, inflatable movie screen, pond, trails, parking along Old Trail Drive(?!). Read the whole thing.
  • And the slide deck from the RWSA presentation.

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CCAC Meeting 22 June 2017 – Drinking Water, Walking & Biking, Spending $

I heard a great line yesterday when talking to a potential client, “A closed mouth never gets fed.” The CCAC meetings are a great time to open your mouth and be heard.

From the CCA site:


The Crozet Library, 2020 Library Avenue, Crozet
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1.  Agenda Review. (Dave Stoner– CCAC chair)

2.  Approval of Minutes (Draft minutes of May 17, 2017 meeting not yet available )

3.  Drinking Water Infrastructure Plan for the Crozet Area (50 min – Bill Mawyer Executive Director Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA), and Gary O’Connell, Albemarle Charlottesville Service Authority)

4.  Jefferson Area Bike and Pedestrian Plan Update (50 min – Zach Herman, Thomas Jefferson Planning District)

5. Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative (NIFI) Update (time permitting)

6.  Items not listed on the agenda

7.  Announcements & Future Agenda Items

The CCAC’s role and “charter” doc’s are found here

Mountainside Getting a Memory Care Unit

Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet

Via the Daily Progress:

Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet is renovating its third floor to accommodate patients with dementia and other neurological disorders that impair memory.

The assisted living home will open a 20-bed memory care unit in November, according to a statement from the Jefferson Area Board for Aging, which operates the facility. The secured space will provide a quieter area for these patients and will be staffed by employees with special training, according to the statement.

Recently on RealCrozetVA Facebook

I use FB because it’s useful for the community. I know there are a lot of you who do not, so I do these posts from time to time.  You can see all the RealCrozetVA FB blog posts here. Or the RealCrozetVA Facebook page here.

  • 25 May – Welcoming Fidelis Greens to Crozet. This is cool.
  • 25 May – Crozet is not a town; it’s a place.
  • 19 May – They caught the two people who attempted to rob the PRN food truck
  • 19 May – Car wash coming soon across from Starr Hill
  • 17 May – Crozet real estate conversation at PRN; we do these the third Thursday of every month
  • 16 May – avoiding insanity
  • 6 May – the restaurant at 240/250 is going vertical (and it looks like it’s for lease)
  • 3 May – the perimeter trail at Crozet Park is open.
  • 28 April – some photos of a darn-near perfect Friday afternoon in Crozet.
  • 28 April – great answers to this question, “Do you happen to know what the typical soccer, baseball, and flag football rec league options are for elementary school kids in Crozet? or Cville, if not available in Crozet?”
  • 19 April – Some good answers to this question, “What hotels/lodging/B&Bs are there in and around Crozet?”
  • 18 April – an argument for turning off lights
  • 18 April – “Having Tabor as the only access point for all of this new construction traffic & neighborhoods is, in a word, irresponsible. Or negligent.”
  • 17 April – Great story on parking
  • 16 April – Someone cleaned up under the bridge.
  • 10 April – Crozet Creamery has new owners
  • 6 April – so rarely are there minutes.

May 2017 CCAC Meeting Recap

Thanks to @CrozetCommunity for tweeting it. (I wonder how/if any other Crozetians would be interested in attending/tweeting?)

Some interesting nuggets in here … I can’t underestimate how important both the meetings are, and the need for citizen attendance and oversight.

Update – here’s the video of the meeting, thanks to the Crozet Gazette.

The Tweets



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CCAC Meeting – 17 May 2017

This is important stuff, folks. It’s easy to focus on national politics, but local is where we can have impact and influence. Sunlight is good, and explicit oversight and awareness (ie: butts in seats at meetings) is better.

via email:


The Crozet Library

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


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WAHS Crew Win Virginia State Regatta Championships



Western Albemarle Crew had a fantastic showing at the Virginia State Regatta Championships this weekend in Occoquan.

From The Beaver Creek Sculling blog: (read the whole thing)

Western Albemarle’s Crew team entered ten boats in the Virginia State Rowing Championships hosted this past Saturday by the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association and brought home eight medals: four gold, two silver and two bronze.

Both the women’s and the men’s senior quads dominated their races; a particularly satisfying accomplishment for the WAHS men’s quad as they had never won that event. Peter Dister, Noah Davis, both juniors, and seniors Spencer Hale and Wiley Martin rowed the quad to the win, automatically qualifying to compete at the Scholastic National Championships later this month.

The women’s senior quad had quite a legacy to uphold; it had not only won the State Championships, but had gone on to row to gold in the 2016 Scholastic National Championships. Two of the members of the 2016 quad graduated, but team captain Carrie Smith and Maggie Vidal, both seniors returned and the team added senior Grace von Elten and junior Hannah Carter to continue the quad’s winning tradition.


Results –

5 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 Fourth!!

The men’s team won in the men’s quad, scored a 3rd in the men’s double, a second in the men’s junior double, won in the men’s lightweight single and men’s junior single.
The women’s team won in the women’s quad, were also 3rd by .1 seconds with women’s junior quad, 2nd and 4th in the women’s lightweight double, 4th in the women’s junior double and won in the women’s junior single.

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