The Virginia Tech Shootings

Ed. note: I hadn’t intended to comment on the horrific events in Blacksburg yesterday until I received this email:
With the horrific events in Blacksburg yesterday, I thought it might be good to have a local outlet for people to share concerns, prayers, etc.

Everyone is just in shock from these events, and it is hard to digest them.

I think sharing and talking about them always helps.  This event hits close to home for everyone in the Commonwealth – for who doesn’t have a friend or relative who either attends or has a family member attending VT?!  Just like all the towns in Virginia, Crozet has a heavy heart today.

Worst, the media is doing a horrible job with coverage – they are like monsters, attacking the police and administration for thier actions, as if this could have all been prevented.  Now is not the time for that, shame on them for bringing that up in such a classless manner.

I know I can say on behalf of our community that our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims, the shooter, and the entire Blacksburg community. I hope people will share their thoughts and ties of VT to Crozet (I am an alum).

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One Reply to “The Virginia Tech Shootings”

  1. I think that the VT campus paper has been doing a good job of coverage:

    I didn’t know anyone there, but my boyfriend spent 9 months working at their campus last year… we are both engineers. It amazes me that so many professors were among those who died.

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