July’s Crozet Gazette is out

The Gazette seems to get better every month.

Highlights of this month’s issue:

– Extensive coverage of the Downtown Zoning Plan
– Western Albemarle and Augusta Counties: An Economic Relationship
– A Cougar in Crozet
– Summary of the fireworks success
– A call to action for Crozetians to be involved in the Zoning Plan

About 75 people showed up for the first meeting … about 40 showed up for the second session … and then 20 for the third

If you don’t participate in the governmental planning process, you abdicate your responsibility to the system and negate your credibility to complain when things turn out differently than you would have liked.

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3 Replies to “July’s Crozet Gazette is out”

  1. It’s too bad the “Scottsville Monthly” doesn’t have an online presence, or the Nelson County Monthly (no clue what that’s called though). But then again- it’s Scottsville they haven’t quite gotten the hang of technology yet.

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