A Pothole and a Speed Reminder in Crozet

Pothole in front of Cocina del Sol on Crozet Avenue … think this can get fixed before an axle is broken?

Two Crozet Photos - Speed Reminder & a Pothole

Be careful going through the “school district” – just before Field School and Crozet Elementary there’s a nifty reminder.

Two Crozet Photos - Speed Reminder & a Pothole

And just because I think it’s cool that Google’s Street View is in Crozet:

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6 Replies to “A Pothole and a Speed Reminder in Crozet”

  1. I don’t think thats just a pot hole. Have you noticed the smelly “stuff” coming out of it? Is there any snow there melting and causing run-off? I think ACSA needs to work on this one!

  2. I wish they’d install a permanent speed reminder on Old Trail Drive (like the one on Rugby Road in Charlottesville). 25 mph my eye!

  3. I don’t disagree – especially once you’re past the townhomes … but right now the traffic flies past the townhomes since they disallowed parking in front (understandably).

  4. Perhaps the developer would consider a bit of “traffic calming” in the more residential areas of Old Trail Dr. like on Park Street in downtown Charlottesville.

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