Will The Crozet Library Be Built Sooner?

Brandon Shulleeta fills us in in today’s Daily Progress.

No target date raises issue of fundraising:

Finalizing project plans, and readying the library for contract bids, increases the likelihood of the county receiving donations and grants, Supervisor Duane Snow noted, adding that there are people interested in donating.

“But they can’t donate to something when they don’t know what is, what all is involved and whether or not it’s just a pipe dream,” Snow said.

A fundraising committee had set a goal of raising about $1.6 million, Halliday said, and though the committee has collected about a tenth of that money, the fundraising campaign has become stagnate because the committee has not been able to tell potential donors when the library might be built or precisely what it would look like.

As does lack of confidence or trust in our government to actually get something done.

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