5 Replies to “What’s Going on Next to Library Avenue?”

  1. Gravel = permeable paving.  What are the chances we see anything other than pavement/concrete as a parking lot surface?

      1. Gravel is certainly the cheapest and easiest.  However, it’s not too popular anymore; I can’t imagine a new library with a gravel lot.  Although, right now I can hardly imagine a library building at that location at all.

        Wikipedia has a pretty good description of the whole process:

        In our area I’ve seen gravel, brick, and cobblestone.  In other countries I’ve seen concrete pavers with grass growing in between the pavers and a canopy of trees above the lot.  Being able to have a tree covered lot is worth it in my opinion.

        There appear to be many type of permeable paving and maybe with our new storm-water runoff system it isn’t necessary but I also find it quite attractive while functional.

        It does cost more upfront and I’m not sure what the maintenance and snow-removal costs would be but I’ve been told granite cobblestones have a life span of 400 years, just something to think about.

  2. Is this parking lot going to be available for use by the public? Or is it going to be a parking lot for equipment? I am sure the church-goers would like their parking lot back…

    1. My understanding is that this is going to be a public lot. I’m not sure whose trucks those are in their parking lot; might they be associated with the church’s ongoing construction?

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