A Sad Day for Crozet – School Counselor Passes

From Mrs. Crummie at Crozet Elementary:

This is Mrs. Crummie. I am calling to share with you about the loss of a staff member. As you may know, our previous school counselor, Melanie Hood, was battling Leukemia. I was informed today by her husband that she passed away this afternoon. I would encourage you to share this information with your child. We will have a team of counselors at our school for the next couple of days available to address any students’ questions and concerns.

We have been in support of Melanie and her family during her illness with cancer, and have all felt the tremendous love and care from the entire community. We are so thankful for your unwavering support during this difficult time.


Bone Marrow Drive for Crozet Counselor – September 2010
sMILE for MELANIE – One-Mile Fun Run Festival

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2 Replies to “A Sad Day for Crozet – School Counselor Passes”

  1. I am giving thanks for the life of Melanie Hood. She was a gifted educator, courageous fighter, and a true blessing to my family. She was my oldest daughter’s counselor when my youngest was born. She will truly be missed.

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