Crozet Community Meets Match Challenge for the Crozet PARC

via press release:

“Community Meets Match Challenge Again!

In less than a month, the community has once again rallied together and met a match challenge in support of the Crozet PARC (Park Aquatics and Recreation Center).  After learning of a Park shortfall in funds due to the Crozet pool re-plastering this past spring, a donor came forth with a $10,000 gift and $10,000 match if the PARC were able to raise $20,000 by year’s end.   This match was presented to the community and in less than two weeks, gifts large and small came pouring in, exceeding the match challenge!  Heidi Sonen, Crozet Park Board member said, “The community has spoken not once, but twice to its commitment to see this facility succeed.”  The first community challenge of $200,000 was met in September of 2011. Final plans for this project are progressing with an anticipated construction start date of mid January 2012.  Look for updates in the next two weeks on the PARC website.

Crozet PARC will be the first aquatics and recreation center open to the public in Albemarle County.”

Now … let’s get cracking on that Library …

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9 Replies to “Crozet Community Meets Match Challenge for the Crozet PARC”

  1. This is great news for the park and the pool. Wondering when sidewalks could be installed down Park Road so there’s a safe path to get to the pool. Has the park committee thought this completely through ? Are they prepared to handle the ENTIRE community of Crozet at the pool one the other area pools and the lake closes ?? The pool is NOT big enough to handle the WHOLE community.

    1. They did an honorable thing by raising the money that was needed and
      not begging the County for anything.  If you are not satisfied by the scope of this project you could always build your own.

      1. Once again, your remarks bear nothing but jibber jabber. Why don’t you provide a more realist resolution to my remarks ? My remarks are real thoughts and concerns. This will be my last correspondence with you on this subject unless you provide a thought that some will care about.

        1. It is simple. They are not required to build a pool large enough to suit you. Be happy with what other people have done or build your own.  Jibber Jabber away…

          1. Maybe he, Adamj, just meant that he wondered if the Crozet pool had considered that there might be more stress on staffing and other issues that could come from a larger base of “customers.”  Or, that they may need to consider policies regarding how many are allowed to use the pool at once, etc.  Not everyone is looking for someone else to provide everything.  They are just thinking about issues that might come up. 

          2. Nope, he was clear “that the pool is not big enough to handle the whole community.”  Not that he knows how many people would actually use the pool
            or even how many people are even in the pools target area. I think that the people who are doing this project have a pretty good idea who their audience is and are
            building accordingly. If things work out
            well they can always expand, if not they
            can fill it in… 

          3. Wonder if Edward has ever been to the  pool during the summer when it’s open ? There’s barely enough room during the summer. I’m sure the folks who worked on the project knew exactly who they’re getting the bubble for…. it’s primarily for the swim team Gators. Do you think the folks from OT, GR and the other subdivisions are NOT going to swim during the winter ?

          4. Actually as someone who has worked hard to make the PARC happen – it’s to get year round recreation here in Crozet – our focus in for the entire community  – we will be working on waterproofing (teaching swimming) to everyone year round instead of cramming into three short months .   Our zero entry – warm water recreation pool will serve seniors as well and be open weekends year round for recreational swimming.   

          5. When you go to a store that is crowded do you
            complain about it or just go to another place that is not as crowded?  How many people from the subdivisions actually will swim during the winter?
            Thats what you should wonder about. These people raised the money they needed and built what they wanted. Did someone promise you year round swimming in Crozet?

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