Crozet Dome Noise

If you’re curious to know what the Crozet Pool dome’s fan sounds like, this is a recording from the window of one of its neighbors ….Crozet Pool Dome Noise at the window, 5 minutes

On a different note, a friend asked if they could paint clouds on the dome so it’s not merely a big blue blob. 🙂

Update: from the neighbor who recorded the audio:

“Please add a note that the volume changes depending on the time of day and the temperature.  Another neighbor’s biggest concern is, since it plays so quietly on some machines, that people will think it’s no louder than a house fan.  If she can hear it in her house, over 200 feet away, inside, with the windows closed, it’s no house fan.”

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3 Replies to “Crozet Dome Noise”

  1. I like the clouds idea. But I’m saying that as a woman who once painted zebra stripes and Bob Marley quotes on her car, not as a member of the Crozet Park board. 😉

  2. Was wondering if anything has been resolved regarding the noise. My backyard is a council vote away from a similar fate here in Ohio. I am very worried.

    1. They’ve made some changes to the heater’s insulation, so I’d say it’s a little quieter. I think it’s also a matter of folks getting accustomed to it.

      If you’re interested in more, email me and I’ll try to put you in touch with folks who are far more aware of the innerworkings and possible solutions. [email protected]

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