Streetscape – Temporarily Close Tabor?

I’m going to edit this later today when I’m able I wrote on my computer and not on my iPhone. But wanted to post this ASAP.

Albemarle County is providing the following update on the status of the Crozet Streetscape project, please continue to visit the website – regularly to stay informed on the status of the project.

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Streetscape Update – Poles down, Project Proceeding

Just received from the County –

Albemarle County is pleased to present an update on the progress of the Crozet Streetscape Project as of January 31, 2014.

Relocation of the utilities, including removing poles from Crozet Avenue, is  now 100% complete in a critical first step of the project. The County has issued a Notice to Proceed to the project contractor, Linco, with an anticipated substantial completion date of October 2014. The Contractor should be on the ground in February, with noticeable work beginning in mid to late February. The County will announce the date of the ground breaking of construction and other key milestones as soon as they are available. Please keep track of the latest developments with the Crozet Streetscape via one or more of the following methods:

· Crozet streetscape website

· County Facebook

· County Twitter

· Amail enews updates – sign up here

· County Staff drop in hours – once construction begins, the County project manager will be available on site in downtown Crozet on Tuesdays from 5-6 pm and Thursdays from 12-1 pm to answer questions and provide up to the minute information.  A detailed schedule will be posted to the streetscape website after the project groundbreaking.

Thanks, Sal’s

I posted this on the RealCrozetVA Facebook a little bit ago …

First, the carrot soup at Sal’s is really good.

“I’m sure this happens at other restaurants, but it highlights why I like Sal’s Pizza and Crozet.

Small one and I were in Sal’s tonight for daddy-daughter-dinner-date night.

Waitress was putting chairs on tables, sweeping and such on the left side just before 8 as we were finishing. As we were walking out after having great pizza and a really good carrot soup, a young couple walks in. Waitress says … we close at 8 but come on in!

Couple says “we’ll just get something to go then.” To which se responded, walking them to a table “no no! Y’all were in here last week right? Water and a Mr. Pibb?” (I think it was water, but I can’t remember … and this is 30 minutes later!)

So … thanks, Sal’s.”

Thanks Crozet for Being Such a Great Community

Just a quick note to reaffirm why Crozet is such a great place to live. Y’all come through.

1 – The Angel Tree from Decemberall the Angels were taken in record time.

2 – The Coat Drive – I just got this note:

“I hope you are staying warm in this freezing weather! Thank you so much for your help getting out the word about the warm clothing drive. The Mudhouse was our best collection location!”

Recapping CCAC Meeting – 16 January 2014

– The redevelopment of downtown Crozet was the big point of discussion – about 90 minutes’ worth. The gist: this is a huge thing, let’s get more information, follow the Crozet Master Plan. Community is cynical and cautious.

– The pedestrian crossing at Harris Teeter is funded.

There may be openings on the CCAC board. Interested?

Field School will have Catholic Mass on second Sunday.

Click through, scroll to the bottom of the embedded tweets to see what was discussed. Big thanks to Tim Tolson for tweeting.

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The Pothole is Back

Last week we had quite the conversation on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page about the pothole under the bridge downtown. It was fixed shortly after I posted the photo, but it’s back. When riding my bike with the little one this morning, I noticed its deepening. When stopping on the way back to take a picture, I noted that it’s dangerous for pedestrians. From Twitter last week, we learned that calling VDOT to report it is an option (1-800-367-7623).

But it’s back. Surely this isn’t an indication of how the Streetscape process will be.

Pothole under the bridge