ReStore N Station For Sale

I got an email yesterday from announcing that ReStore N Station, the new gas station that caused a Crozet community battle, is for sale. For $4 million, the land and two additional lots could be yours.

 Update: Rachel Ryan with the Newsplex has more information.

Jeff and Michelle Sprouse own the property and told CBS19 they are negotiating with the person operating the gas station and store to purchase it.

Update 2:  Rachel Ryan has an update to the story … read the whole thing.



NB. I’m a real estate agent. I’m writing this post from a “news” perspective, but thought it better to disclose than not.

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7 Replies to “ReStore N Station For Sale”

  1. It is called an investment. Turning it over much the same as flipping a house is the new normal it seems. The property was bought, developed, now is time to turn a profit.
    Get ready for more of it.

  2. The neighborhood has suspected the greedy developer would do this all along – after ruining well water and polluting runoff for neighbors. Great guy.
    In the meantime, avoid this place and please support Brownsville Market! Can you smell/spell S•H•E•E•T•Z ?

    1. Support Brownsville if you want but , there is nothing original there. The guy in there now bought the business from the person who now has the new place. The owners of the Brownsville property live in Nelson County. Nothing new here, tract housing
      comes people cash out. That is what the area now attracts.

  3. Wow it really is sad how many jealous people there are in crozet now. Everytime someone is succesful and makes money they get called greedy. We all have the same opportunities get off your tail and do somthing other than complain. Maybe then the there would be more succesful people and less whining.

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