CCAC Meeting 21 January 2015 – Foothills Rezoning and More

A large crowd showed up, including Charlottesville Tomorrow and NBC 29 to hear and learn about the proposed Foothill Crossing rezoning.

A great discussion was held, mainly with community members expressing the need and desire for infrastructure in Crozet as the developer described how the rezoning will route traffic through Westhall, Foothills, Westlake Hills, and Parkside Village.

What followed was a  pretty good discussion about economic growth & development in Crozet, the future of downtown Crozet, what Crozetians want,  what the community can and will support and more.

I’ll update this when Charlottesville Tomorrow,NBC 29, and Crozet Gazette  post their stories.

If you want to learn and exert your opinion/influence, come to these meetings. Again. And again. And again.

Storify story recapping all of the tweets after the break. Please, please read them all and get involved.

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Where are the Walkable Homes in Crozet?


What does “walkable” mean to you? Or bikeable? Walkscore is great, but it’s not great enough yet in Crozet.

Last week I posted a link on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page to this story.

Less driving and more physical activity and social interactions result when people live in pedestrian-oriented, activity-friendly developments known as “walkable communities,” according to a study led by Texas A&M University Professor of Architecture Xuemei Zhu.

The researchers found that in addition to improved physical and social activity, (the transit-oriented development), Mueller residents perceived more neighborhood cohesion than they did in their previous neighborhood.

So I asked Crozetians – where do you live? Is your home/neighborhood in a walkable location? As usual, the community came through, describing Waylands Grant, Old Trail, Foothill Crossing, Highlands, Foxchase, Westhall, Park Road, Grayrock, Orchard Acres, Parkside Village, Laurel Hills, Liberty Hall.

To see all the descriptions, spend a few minutes at the Facebook post (Storify wouldn’t pull in all the comments). If you’re looking for a walkable home, this is a good place to start your search for walkable homes in Crozet. But don’t place that much faith in the Walkscore; as with most data-driven technologies, it’s efficacy lags in less densely-populated areas. The best way to know how walkable a neighborhood is? Ask.

Walking to Downtown Crozet

Required disclosure: I’m a real estate agent. I represent buyers and sellers in Crozet (and Charlottesville, Albemarle, Nelson, Central Virginia).

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When Do Homes Come on the Market in Crozet?

New listings, contracts, closings in 2016 in Brownsville + Crozet, excluding new construction listings, which accounted for about 1/3 of listings in Crozet in 2016.

Update 11/21/2017 – I updated the chart above.

I’ve written this story before, and the trends are pretty consistent year over year, but thought I’d update the chart for 2014 as this is good information for those thinking about buying in Crozet and those prepping for the home marketing/selling process.

I’m working on a couple additional posts that recap the 2014 Crozet real estate market … any particular questions or curiosities you’d like me to address?

Thinking about selling? Here are a few tips to get ready. Questions about buying a home in Crozet or ready to have the conversation about whether to put your home on the market? Call me anytime – 434-242-7140 – or email works, too.

The past few days on RealCrozetVA Facebook (1-19 January)

I don’t like Facebook, but over 1500 people do like the RealCrozetVA facebook … and it’s quite a useful hub for the community.  These are the most recent posts there.

16 January – My curiosity led to a great conversation about Crozet’s walkable neighborhoods. I’m writing a story now about this.

16 JanuaryCrozet Arts’ registration for winter classes is now open.

15 JanuaryWalkable communities matter.

14 JanuarySafe Routes to School moving forward.

14 JanuaryPeachtree Baseball has extended their registration.

12 JanuaryCrozet Library has storytime for grownups. How cool is that? (I’d go to storytime if they held it on their rooftop bar. If they had one.)

January 12Foothill Crossing rezoning meeting on 21 January; are you going? What questions do you have?

January 8Artful in Crozet – art classes in Crozet.

January 5Interesting discussion on the Jobs in Crozet? question.

Aiming to Ride Every Road in Crozet in 2015

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”

–  Ernest Hemingway

I was riding a few weeks ago and thought that while I’ve driven and shown houses/represented sellers on many/most of the roads in Crozet, the best way to learn the area is by bicycle.

So yesterday, I started. I did however forget to start Strava until I after I’d ridden on Railroad and through Mint Springs.

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Home Depot Makes Family’s Day

Posted on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page:

I would like to give a shout out to Home depot. I am the mother of a severely autistic son and I live here in Crozet. Today I had a particularly rough morning upon waking we seen that our son had put a lot of things in the toilet and stopped it up. This happens so often , I took it to fb to vent. The conversation quickly went to my friends suggesting I get a smart technology toilet. We all joked that they were probably too expensive. My husband works two jobs and it’s always a financial struggle getting by. This evening my wonderful niece Sarah surprised me by dropping off one of these toilets . I was overjoyed . She told me how she contacted Home depot and they were generous enough to give it to us as a gift. Restoring our faith in humanity. Thank you, Susan

 I like posting good stories.

Foothill Crossing Rezoning Hearing – 21 January

As noted on the Crozet Calendar,  there is going to be a community meeting about the rezoning hearing for the next phase of Foothill Crossing on 21 January at Crozet Library at 7pm. Based on the comments I’ve received, I suspect it should be well attended.

It looks like the big change is that the developer is seeking to add attached homes to the mix, a change from having only single family homes. More information here.

Disclosure: I’m a Realtor. I have a professional opinion about this. If you’re interested, ask me.

Dig into the project at Albemarle County’s great County View site; search for Application# SUB201400214, which reads (prior to this rezoning coming forth):

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What are Our Legislators Up To?

The Virginia General Assembly is nearly back in session. What are our legislators up to?

– What bills are they proposing?

– On which committees do they serve?

– Do they support or oppose legislation that matters to you?

Spend a few minutes checking out what Delegate Steven Landes and Senator Creigh Deeds are up to. Then call them. Email them. Look at who their major donors are* (Dominion’s PAC has given to both of them, for example).

While you’re checking this stuff out, have a look at the newest bills to be introduced in the General Assembly?

If you’re curious, these are the bills that I’m tracking.


* For fun, spend some time at VPAP digging into donor information.