Wildflowers – a Great Addition to Crozet!

Things like this make Crozet a great place to live.

From the facebook post:

– Landscape company J.W. Townsend planted the meadow seed mix of 16 varieties of wild flowers and grasses early this summer as a joint project of The Landings at Waylands Grant and Old Trail. This meadow will become fully established and self-sustaining over the next 2-3 years. You may have noticed that it is attracting a lot of butterflies!

– Kudos to Geoff Shaw with JWTownsend for planting the awesome meadow. And thank you to Ben Wilson and the residents of Old Trail and Waylands Grant who helped with the design of this project.

– Absolutely, thanks to Jessica Mauzy! Without her none of this would have happened. We are SO happy everyone likes it.

– some annuals will reseed themselves, such as zinnias and the blanket flowers (the yellow ones with red centers) . I wish more communities would do this – mowing so much is so unnecessary and would save not only money but create less noise & air pollution, and is great for the bugs and birds too.

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