7 April’s Downtown Crozet Initiative Meeting Wrap-Up

The Downtown Crozet Initiative met on Thursday; they are meeting again on 5 May at Noon at the Crozet Library. This is the stuff that will shape Downtown Crozet for lifetimes.

This is the agenda for the 7 April meeting.

Big thanks to Arthur Wollam for the following information! (all links added by me)

“This was my first meeting. There was no pre-meeting introductions but I seemed to be the only ‘new’ attendee. These meetings are open to all. I signed an attending roster with name, phone, and email.

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3rd Annual Pitch-in at the (Crozet) Park

via email:

On Saturday, April 16th from 9AM – 4PM, Crozet Park will host its third annual Pitch-in at the Park event.

This year’s event, sponsored by BB&T Bank, brings together volunteers and businesses throughout the community and makes it possible to complete many of the Park’s annual maintenance activities. Lunch is provided to ALL volunteers.

Please sign-up to spend a half-day or full-day and feel free to participate in as many projects as you wish; no need to skimp! This is a significant effort and we need everyone’s help. Follow this link to sign-up.

On behalf of the Crozet Park Board of Directors,

Thank you!

RealCrozetVA Facebook – 10 March – 1 April 2016

The RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter pages continue to thrive …

March 10:

Good morning, Crozet


March 11 – great responses from readers answering the question, “Where are the Crozet playgrounds?

March 14Old Trail reduces build out numbers. Read: fewer houses. (and I’ve heard they’re going to be announcing soon the next phase of the town center; stay tuned)

March 15Mudhouse is looking for a new head baker.

March 17Where are the best CSAs in and around Crozet?

March 19 A few pics from the Crozet Cycling Club’s morning ride. It’s beautiful around here.

March 22A great cycling video featuring Ben King and Miller School’s Endurance Team.

March 23The Crozet Real Estate Conversation endures. See you soon!

March 23Finally, the North Crozet sidewalk project begins.

March 25The best place to track Crozet traffic (read: wrecks on 64, and subsequent backups on 250), is RealCrozetVA on Twitter.

March 26The Crozet Volunteer Fire Department painted over the graffiti in the former Barnes Lumberyard. Now … if the graffiti was interesting and beautiful, that’d be different. Unfortunately, the graffiti perpetrators are not artists.

March 30The Crozet Trails Crew continues to be awesome.

March 31The Crozet Farmers Market opens on 7 May!