West Glen Stream Crossing Passes at Albemarle County PC

I couldn’t make it to the Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting on 21 June, but luckily, Neil Williamson with the Free Enterprise Forum did. And he tweeted the meeting.

tl;dr:  Much discussion, two one recusal (More), two absences, stream crossing passed 3-1.

Update: Tim Dodson with Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.

Click through to read the tweets.

For background on the proposed West Glen neighborhood, start here and here for supporting documents.

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3 Replies to “West Glen Stream Crossing Passes at Albemarle County PC”

  1. I was at the meetings between Charlie Armstrong of Southern Development and my parents. My dad (Mike) is telling the truth. Charlie never even suggested that they were interested in access through my parent’s property. They showed us the plan with the stream crossing to keep us informed, as he said. I actually asked Charlie at some point why he wasn’t approaching my parents to work out a more reasonable access and he said he “didn’t think we would be interested.” I would be willing to go under oath. I wish I had a recording of these meetings. The stream crossing (despite defiance of county stream preservation code) is clearly their preference and labeling my family as “obstructionist” was always their plan.

    1. Thanks for adding that – I think that is important info to pass to Ann and BOS when they get final chance to approve the development. You might write an email to @BOS that says just what you put above posting. I don’t like it when developers do what he has done. I would suggest BOS needs to consider this before final approval. I was dismayed staff didn’t want it, neighbors don’t and the code that exists doesn’t allow for it but it passed the PC ?
      Come on Alb BOS – do the right thing here –

  2. Allie, you were present at the first two meetings in December and January. You weren’t at the February 9th meeting. At the February 9th meeting we presented to your family two professionally engineered road alignments through your family’s property, including two different possibilities for subdivision along those new roads if that was of interest. The conclusion from that meeting was that they had absolutely no interest in what we presented. In fact they were done with the conversation and ready to leave the meeting very shortly after we began. I don’t think your family is obstructionist, and I wouldn’t label you that way. Your property is yours and you should do with it as you see fit. The only place your family’s property connects to a public road is at McComb St. That is the only place that a road from our property could go through yours and connect to a public road. If things have changed since February, I would be glad to talk again. So I’ll ask you: is your family willing to provide a 54′ wide VDOT road right-of-way along McComb St to Blue Ridge Ave? If so, let’s pursue it. I’m still not convinced that a road to Blue Ridge Ave is the best solution for Crozet, but it would be far more cost-effective for us than building a bridge.

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