CCAC Meeting – 21 February 2017

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Crozet Library

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

1. Agenda Review (Dave Stoner – CCAC chair)
2. Approval of Minutes
3. WAHS Wireless Tower SUP supplemental information (ACPS, Milestone)
4. Follow-up discussion on Crozet Survey and Master Plan Update
5. Items Not Listed on the Agenda
6. Announcements
– CCAC positions are open beginning April 2018!!
– Apply by Feb 27. Link to application:
CCAC 2018 Officer Nominations in March
7. Potential Future Agenda Items
a. Mar–Continued discussion on Crozet Survey and Master Plan Update
b. Mar–Officer Elections
c. Apr – Western Park Master Plan Update (Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle
d. Jun-Crozet Drinking Water Infrastructure Plan Update (Mr. Mawyer
e. Summer- Albemarle County Stormwater Utility Plans (Greg Harper, Env.
Services Chief)


Crozet Community survey 2018–Master Plan slides[1]

CCAC WAHS Tower Follow Up Correspondence

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Also, please note that applications are open for new CCAC members beginning in April 2018.  Applications are due Feb 27 and a link to application is here.  Existing members whose terms are expiring and want to re-up must re-apply.  If you are not a member but are seeking ways to get involved locally, I encourage you to apply.  Feel free to contact me or Emily Kilroy at the County if you would like further information about CCAC membership or look here.

Crozet’s Infrastructure Needs

Good story from C-Ville. We need roads, bike lanes, sidewalks. No report yet on when those will appear.

Good comments on the facebook post.

From C-Ville (read the whole thing)

A fire along Old Three Notch’d Road caused a rush hour roadblock February 1 on one of Crozet’s main thoroughfares: Three Notch’d Road, aka Route 240. Instead of being able to drive to downtown Crozet, drivers had to make a U-turn, return to U.S. 250 and make a right, then another right onto Crozet Avenue/Route 240, only to be part of a massive backup at the light and four-way stop near the railway trestle at Crozet Square.

High-density growth area Crozet surely has the homes, but roadways have lagged behind. Will 2018 be the year several road projects begin in earnest?

“We’ve worked hard for the past 10 years, so it would be great to finally take some steps,” says Ann Mallek, chair of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and representative of the White Hall District, which includes Crozet, where two connector road projects are in the works.

One would connect Route 240 to Route 250 through Park Ridge Drive and the Cory Farm subdivision.

The proposed Eastern Avenue Connector, which runs north-south, still has two major portions that need to be constructed, says Kevin McDermott, transportation planner for Albemarle County.

The northern piece may break ground soon. “The private developers of the Foothills-Daly development are responsible for making a connection onto Park Ridge Drive and onto Route 240,” McDermott says, and they have submitted all of the required applications.

To the south, a bridge that is needed to cross Lickinghole Creek to complete the connector road “is the sticking point and has been for many years,” says David Stoner, a member of the Crozet Community Advisory Committee. “It’s such an expensive proposition that it hasn’t risen to the top of the county’s list of projects to be funded.”

The southern-portion work is No. 12 on the county’s priority list of road projects, McDermott explains. “Because other priorities are already under way, No. 12 will be a priority in the next year,” he says.

Possibly Related:  President’s budget threatens local transit projects.

Cities and states stand to lose billions in funding for projects that are already moving toward construction. Nationally, more than 70 projects are waiting for funding from the New Starts program, and only about a dozen have been approved.

More Funding for Libraries

Yeah, it’s a political post of sorts, but yeah, I love our libraries, and libraries are one of the best things in Charlottesville.

If you have two minutes, how about sending an email to our delegate, Steve Landes? (click here to send an email)

Dear Delegate Landes,
Please support the Virginia Library Association’s budget amendment, Item 238 #1h (Delegate Rush), Item 238 #2h (Delegate Sickles), to increase State Aid for Public Libraries by $2.5 million dollars. Local libraries play an indispensable daily role in Virginia’s educational system and State Aid to Public Libraries is essential to meeting those needs. This increase would be used by libraries to support summer reading materials and programs or library materials that target STEAM instruction.
This additional funding will provide an additional $100,248 in state aid to the Jefferson Madison Regional Library and would allow JMRL to improve collections, programming, etc. in support of education here in our community.
Thank you for your support and help with this matter.

White Ribbon Wednesday

via Nextdoor, by way of Twitter –

“”I wanted to pass along there are a few neighborhoods spreading the word to place white ribbons on the trash can handles this week (Wednesday), to show support for the victims of the train crash. People will also be placing ribbons on their trees if they desire. This is a voluntary act of kindness, and I wanted to spread the word, so please pass this idea along to friends who may not read Nextdoor. Thank you.””

GoFundMe Pages for Man Killed & Man Injured in Train Crash

GoFundMe now live.

On January 31st 2018, Christopher Foley was one of the victims in the Amtrak and garbage truck collision. Unfortunately Chris lost his life. We here at the company lost a friend and a brother, his one year old son and mother of his child lost a father. We have set up this page to help Mr. Foley’s family, theres no amount of money that can replace a human life. Anything that you are able to donate helps the family financially through this horrific time. We are trying to raise enough for the family to cover funeral cost and help with some living costs. All the money will go directly to Mr. Foley’s family.

And this one

On January 31st 2018, Dennis Eddy was one of the victims in the Amtrak and garbage truck collision. Fortunately, Dennis is still with us, however he remains in recovery at the hospital. We have set up this page to help Mr. Eddy, to help with hospital expenses as he recovers. Anything that you are able to donate helps him financially through this horrific time. All the money will go directly to Mr. Eddy.


I understand there will be GoFundMe for the two other victims, who were in the ICU last I heard.