Insight for Buyers and Sellers in Crozet, Looking to 2019

We are releasing our Annual Nest Report shortly; if you’d like a copy, please email Jim or Greg.


Jim: Hey. I’m Jim Duncan with Nest Realty (434-242-7140).

Greg: And I’m Greg Slater with Nest Realty (434-981-6655). We wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you a little bit about the Crozet Market. When we talk about the Crozet Market, we define it as the elementary school districts of Brownsville Elementary and Crozet Elementary.

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CCAC Recap – January 2019 – Transportation Projects Happening (and not)

Click through to read the tweets, or just click here, scroll to the bottom and make your way up.

I’ll update this once I get the powerpoint of the presentation.

Here is the presentation by Kevin McDermott with Albemarle County.

Kevin McDermott from Albemarle Couty went through some of the projects relevant to Crozet.

Crozet Square/Oak Street
Rt 240  improvements
Eastern Ave – One part sooner than the other (through Parkside Village sooner than to 240)
– Tabor/Hilltop/High Street (don’t hold your breath)
250 pedestrian improvements coming soon

Thanks for the video, Crozet Gazette

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WAHS with a Cause

via email. Great to see this kind of motivation from our kids.

The Western Albemarle High School Leadership Program is putting on the first ever “WAHS with a Cause,” which is our community service day.

In the past, Western Albemarle has put on service projects, but they have been contained within our school. The goal of WAHS with a Cause is to get our entire school involved in civic engagement not just in the school, but within the entire Crozet/Charlottesville community. We would love both monetary donations or supplies. Additionally, if you are aware of a local organization that could use a group of volunteers, please contact [email protected]

Thank you so much,

WAHS Executive Council

CCAC – January 2019 | Transportation Update



Crozet Library

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.


1. Introductions and Agenda Review (Allie Pesch – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Western Albemarle Transportation Updates (Kevin McDermott, Albemarle County Transportation Principal Planner – 45 min)

4. Items Not Listed on the Agenda

5. Announcements

6. Future Agenda Items:

– February 13, 2019: Western Albemarle Feeder Pattern School Capacity and Enrollment (Rosalyn Schmitt, ACPS Chief Operating Officer)

– Feb/March? Improvements and traffic flow changes coming to The Square (NIFI project status update)

Note: CCAC will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month going forward

Homestay (AirBnB/VRBO/etc) Regulations in Albemarle County Changing

A reader messaged me:

Hi Jim- Not sure if this is appropriate for the RealCrozet page or not, but if you think it is, would you be willing to share the link where county residents can share comments about the proposed Homestay changes, please? I feel like, given the lack of hotels in western Albemarle and the amount of tourism here, this should be on residents’ radars more than it currently is. Thanks!

Here’s the link to comment to the County of Albemarle with your thoughts on the proposed Homestay regulations.

There was a well-attended roundtable at the County on 8 January 2019.

Learn the background here (and consider subscribing to the Daily Progress)

Why do I bang the “pay money for local media” drum?

Watch this. Seriously. Watch it.