Crozet Clean Up Challenge – 30 March 2019

Why not make it a day, or a morning, or an afternoon. Go for a short walk, and pick up a small bag of trash, or a big one, or several. Send your pictures to me, before and after. Put them on social media with #trashtag and #CrozetTrashTag.

Crozet clean up Challenge – Saturday March 30th at 9:00am Cling lane cul-de-sac, looking for volunteers.

Where else in Crozet can we clean up?

It’s not a thing, yet, but it could be. If you want an orange trash bag, please text me 434-242-7140 and I’ll get you one, or pick one up outside Greenhouse Coffee.

Looks like a great weekend for it!

What’s Going in Across From Crozet Park?

Houses. There will be houses. Built by someone.

Stony Point Design were going to be building, but as of last week, they will not be.

And today, they have announced a new path, one that no longer includes residential construction. Their work as developers and designers has provided them with the opportunities to expand outside Charlottesville, and to oversee larger projects not only in our area, but throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. They have been able to acquire properties in RichmondCharlottesville, and Cape Cod, on which they will be building multi-family, office, and experiential real estate projects. These projects are building on the great things that they started here in Charlottesville. And we couldn’t be happier for them.

We talked in 2017 about this development, and three others.

  • Jarmans Gap – 12 houses – timeline still unknown
  • Across from Crozet Park project – that’s the subject of this story.
  • Sparrow Hill – (on 250 near Rocket Coffee) – well underway; next phase just opened
  • Glenbrook (between Parkside Village and Foothill Crossing) – well underway

Good Job, Albemarle County.

March 2019 CCAC Wrap-up | Transportation Stuff

CCAC March 2019

Lots of stuff in the CCAC meeting.

A couple highlighted tweets

There was a lot more covered in the meeting. You should go; they’re often boring, but you’ll probably learn something about Crozet.

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Albemarle’s New Dress Code


via email.

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

On February 28, I communicated with you about the enforcement of our student conduct policy and dress code practices to better meet our responsibility to provide an educational environment in our schools in which all students can fulfill their highest potential.

Our policy states that any clothing that interferes with or disrupts our educational environment is unacceptable. This requirement has always been present in our policy; it is not new.

Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12, the wearing of clothing with imagery associated with organizations that promote white supremacy, racial division, hatred, or violence will not be permitted in our schools. 

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CCAC Meeting 13 March 2019 | Traffic, Recycling, Master Plan

Via email. Who’s going, and able to either tweet, or write a recap for the blog? #CCAC0319

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.


  1. Introductions and Agenda Review (Allie Pesch – CCAC chair)
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. CCAC 2019 – 2020 Officer Elections
  4. Recycling in Western Albemarle (Trudy Brement, Emma-Caroline Avery, and Maren Eanes, Henley Middle School – 20 min)
  5. Crozet Traffic and Transportation Updates (Joel DeNunzio, VDOT – 40min)
  6. Crozet Master Plan Content Review and Update Topics: Transportation (Andrew Knuppel – 20 min)
    1. Review the first 7 pages of the Transportation Plan
  7. Albemarle County Budget Review: Crozet CIP Commitments (Ann Mallek–10min)
  8. Items Not Listed on the Agenda
  9. Announcements

10. Future Agenda Items

o Pleasant Green/West Glen Stream Crossing SUP Amendment (April)
o Master Plan Content Review and Update Topics (Monthly through July)

RealCrozetVA Facebook Roundup – start of March 2019

Facebook is evil (see the end of this post), but a couple thousand people still like the RealCrozetVA page, so I keep it. (Instagram, too)

Facebook is evil and destructive

And yes, I know Instagram is Facebook.