Crozet Update – Safe Routes to School, Library, Streetscape, Jarman’s Gap

Phase 2 – Crozet Avenue : Utilities must be moved and all right-of-way acquired before we’ll get VDOT approval to move into the construction phase. … I I’ve been working a long time to resolve the owner issues for one right-of-way dedication and I’m hoping to get word that they’re ready to sign later this week. … VDOT had a parking plan prepared (by our consultant) to serve as the cost basis for their acquisition of the Jarmans Gap Road right-of-way. It also was to serve as a means to demonstrate how the Church and Blue Goose future parking plans and our proposed shared entrance onto Crozet Avenue would work in concert.

Albemarle County Announces Safe Routes to School Grant for Crozet Elementary

Approximately 177 of 305 students live within two miles of Crozet Elementary School and there are over 200 homes in neighborhood located within one-half mile of the school that will be able to take advantage of the new pedestrian features. In addition, the private Field School located directly across the street from Crozet Elementary will also be linked by the new sidewalk to neighborhoods north of downtown Crozet and will be served by the new crosswalk and warning sign features. … The Crozet PTO’s Walk to School program already sponsors monthly walks for children and their parents and supports the Safe Route project as a way to encourage active, healthy lifestyles among students, and the school administration is strongly committed to promoting alternative transportation for their students. … “Our goal is for families to feel comfortable allowing their students to walk or ride their bikes to school, and with the changes funded by this grant, we envision one-third to one-half of our student population now being able to safely walk to school.”