New Movie Theater in Waynesboro – Opening 8 October 2010

The Countdown is on … “We could’ve pushed for an Oct. 1 opening. We didn’t want to open and then maybe be in a position to get some things done off the punch list after the opening,” said Brett Hayes, the developer and owner of the Zeus Digital Theaters eight-screen movieplex that is now set for an Oct. 8 opening night. … 21 minutes from Crozet to the new theater in Waynesboro 23 minutes to the theater on the Downtown Mall . 23 minutes to Carmike Cinemas on 29 North .

Getting involved in Waynesboro

A brief self-serving announcement – I’ve written about Waynesboro many times over the years, and see their community’s continued success as part of Crozet’s continued ability to thrive. … But all are of a singular mind on the subject of Waynesboro: each desires a vibrant future for this city and is willing to stake personal time and energy to help ensure it.

Have you Been to the Waynesboro Home Depot?

I went to the Home Depot in Waynesboro last week (there’s a Lowe’s too, and I’m sure they’re good, but I like orange) – and was met by three smiling employees, one of whom offered to guide me around the store finding what I needed. … Not only is gas cheaper there – I paid $2.49 on Thursday, Crozet had gas from $2.89 at the BP to $3.29 at the Exxon, but going to a huge home improvement store wasn’t an exercise in futility and frustration.

Charlottesville versus Waynesboro shopping

I can go on and on and on with differences in customer services and/or shopping experiences between the same corporate chain on both sides of the mountain ( ed. note: referencing Charlottesville, not Crozet ) and every time the Waynesboro side comes out ahead. … Waynesboro (and the Target, Outback, Lowes, Home Depot, Martin’s grocery store, Applebee’s, drive through Starbucks) is one of the best things about living in Crozet.

Minor league baseball in Waynesboro?

From the News Virginian – Charlottesville investor said Friday that he is considering plans to build a $20-million, 4,000 seat stadium in Waynesboro for a minor or independent league baseball team.Jim Morris said he floated the idea Thursday in a meeting with local business leaders and city councilmen Frank Lucente and Tim Williams.  Morris said he wants to gauge city support before moving forward.“I have, in fact, talked to a couple of other people in the baseball world, and both …  thought Waynesboro would be a candidate for some type of minor league baseball,” Morris said.The ballpark would be built along the South River near Constitution Park.Morris told those in attendance at Thursday’s meeting at Reo Distribution that he had spoken with a Boston Red Sox official about bringing a team to Waynesboro, according to two people on hand for the gathering.

Crozet is in Waynesboro’s “market area”

From the News Leader – According to Frank, there are 45,000 people in the Waynesboro market area, which does not include Staunton or the western part of Augusta County, but does include places such as Ivy and Crozet.  To make his point, Frank said that even though the Ivy exit on Interstate 64 is only five exits from U.S. 29 in Charlottesville, a shopping mecca, it’s easier and quicker for motorists to travel the I-64 corridor because of traffic congestion in Charlottesville.  Another reason for the rise of heavy hitters like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Martin’s Food Market, Lowe’s and Home Depot is that since 2004 1,151 new single-family lots have been approved in Waynesboro, Frank said, along with 3,000 new lots in Crozet.  He attributed the growth to retirees and spillover from Charlottesville.One of the best things about Crozet is Waynesboro.  Home Depot, Lowe’s, Super WalMart (as distasteful as that may be) …  the people are more friendly and the stores less crowded.

Crozet Master Plan serves as test conversation for “missing middle” housing 

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