Support Local Charlottesville and Albemarle News Gathering & Dissemination

As I was putting together the coming series, I wanted to interject & highlight our amazing local news people.

So much happens in the Charlottesville area, and most (99%) of us cannot attend the meetings consistently, process the information, research, put into context. We need local reporters. To them all: Thank you.

Who’s going to go to planning commission meetings? Board of Supervisors? Service Authority Board meetings? Without local reporters and reporting, our community & our democracy suffer.

Local Journalism Matters. We have a remarkable array of reporters.

Charlottesville Tomorrow – I rely on these folks heavily (Sean Tubbs) donate to them when I can, and profess their institutional knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Daily ProgressAlison Wrabel, Chris Suarez, Michael Bragg and others have been at the DP for a few years now and have built knowledge, context, and are critical to reporting in Charlottesville and Albemarle.

Yes, they are expensive ($10/month vs $6 or so for Washington Post or NYTimes) and their website burns the eyes, and they deleted their archives in 2008 But. Supporting them is worthwhile. Despite the fact that they’re owned by one of the richest people in the world.

Crozet Gazette – Great local reporting. Simple.

Edit: as I mentioned in the comment below – “I meant “simple” in only a positive context – I was thinking of something well-executed, and done well, like a house with clean lines that is beautiful. ” There’s a reason that I when  I think about it, I note here on the blog the new issue of the Gazette, and encourage everyone to pick it up.  A sign of excellence is making things look simple.


Note: my Twitter list of Charlottesville media has nearly 70 members, and I’ve found it to be a great resource.

The Series

  1. The Beginning – A Conversation with a friend over coffee
  2. Prologue – Support local journalists & journalism
  3. How Much Money for Infrastructure Has Crozet Gotten?
  4. Crozet Population Numbers Keep Growing
  5. Crozet Acronyms – What do They Mean?
  6. Crozet Water Supply
  7. Notes from a Crozet Coffee Conversation
  8. Ongoing Crozet Projects of Note
  9. Getting Involved in Crozet – Where to Start?
  10. … I don’t yet know …

Coffee Conversation Leads to Crozet Stories

I posted on FB

Coffee leads to stories.

I had coffee with a friend recently who wants to get involved in Crozet and wanted to learn more about what’s going on in Crozet. We talked for two hours, and I took notes.

I hope to write a series of stories, but will aim for at least a comprehensive post with links referencing these notes. (I have drafts of three stories already in the works)

What are you curious about in Crozet? Why do you live here? What if anything, would you like to see improved?

I’m a realtor who lives in Crozet, & loves Crozet. Being aware and involved is part of the business, is is part of being an active and informed member of the community.

Hoping to publish the series soon.

What are those acronyms?

The Series

  1. The Beginning – A Conversation with a friend over coffee
  2. Prologue – Support local journalists & journalism
  3. How Much Money for Infrastructure Has Crozet Gotten?
  4. Crozet Population Numbers Keep Growing
  5. Crozet Acronyms – What do They Mean?
  6. Crozet Water Supply
  7. Notes from a Crozet Coffee Conversation
  8. Ongoing Crozet Projects of Note
  9. Getting Involved in Crozet – Where to Start?
  10. … I don’t yet know …

2017 Year in Review in Crozet

Best 9 of RealCrozetVA on Instagram

121 blog posts, 108 Instagram posts, and I’m not going to count how many tweets & FB posts.

A lot happened in Crozet in 2017.

Good stuff, some less good stuff, but  2017 ends with lots of new construction (about 1/3 of home sales in Crozet last year were new builds), more civic awareness and frustration, traffic, strong community, great shops, Perrone Robotics, a new privately- designed master plan, Great Valu changing & becoming the Crozet Market, the Crozet Calendar was well used, CCAC meetings provided a wealth of information, and Storify died.

For 2018, let’s be good to each other, get informed and involved even when something doesn’t affect your backyard, remember why we all choose Crozet, and be nice.

What follows is a snip of some of the highlights of 2017, as seen through the RealCrozetVA blog lens. The blog is the home of everything; the RealCrozetVA ecosystem includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I know this; the archives on the blog provide a valuable historical archive for the past decade+ in Crozet.

As I made my way through the year in review (for the second time), one thing is clear – a lot of the stuff happening now started months and years ago (see: NIFI, Adelaide, the Vue, transportation).

As a reminder, I’m a Realtor. My career and profession is representing buyers and sellers. I write/manage RealCrozetVA, now entering its 12th year, as a service to the Crozet community, and because I think RealCrozetVA comprises a “good thing.”

Questions/comments welcomed, here, at the FB post, or contact me.

Here we go.

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Landes Town Hall – 27 December 2017

Last night’s town hall at Crozet Library with our representative, Steve Landes was well attended.

First, thank you to Mr. Landes for having town halls; it’s welcomed.

Second – all of Mr. Landes’ bills in the Virginia General Assembly are here at Richmond Sunlight.

Third – more of this, folks. Local politics matter.

Newsplex has a story.

My highlights from last night (you can see all the tweets by clicking here)

Recycle Those Christmas Trees!

via email:

It’s almost that time of year again! The Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Department will host its annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program. The program, which began in 1988, collects discarded Christmas trees which are then chipped into mulch and offered to the public at no cost. Since the program began, an average of 2300 trees have been collected annually, yielding over 110 cubic yards of mulch each year. Not only does this recycling program provide citizens a place to dispose of a potentially large and cumbersome item, it also reduces the impact on our landfill.

From December 26, 2017 through January 15, 2018, the County will operate the following seven sites daily, from 7:00 a.m. until dark, where residents can drop off their Christmas trees:

  • Crozet Park in Crozet
  • Greenwood Community Center in Greenwood
  • Chris Greene Lake Park in Earlysville
  • Darden Towe Park on Elks Drive
  • Scottsville Community Center in Scottsville
  • Walnut Creek Park off Old Lynchburg Road
  • Rivanna Solid Waste Authority Recycling Center on McIntire Road*
  • (Note: Sunday hours are 12:30 to 5:30 p.m.)
  • *this location may be congested, please consider Darden Towe Park as an alternate location that is less congested and is better suited for large loads and contract haulers.

By combining forces with the Charlottesville Curb Side Pick-Up Program, the joint programs collected over 4200 trees last year, yielding approximately 201 cubic yards of mulch. According to the City Public Works Department, curbside pick-up for City residents will be the week of January 8, 2018. Trees must be at the curbside by 7:00 a.m.. Shortly after the City’s curbside pick-up, the County and City Parks & Recreation crews will team up to chip an estimated 2200 trees at Darden Towe Park.

As a reminder, this program is for Christmas trees only, please no yard waste. Both the County and City programs require that all decorations, stands and nails be removed from the Christmas trees. Free mulch will be available to citizens starting February 1, 2018, at Darden Towe Park.

Crozet Jingle Jog – 25 December 2017

Jingle Jog on Christmas Day!

Come join us for the 5th annual Crozet Jingle Jog on Christmas Day! We will start at the Old Trail Town Center at 11:00am and run/bike/walk/dog/stroller around Old Trail for a 5k distance. There is no registration fee, no bibs, and no timing – just fun Christmas Day fellowship with your neighbors and friends and a chance to get out of the house, move your legs, and earn that Christmas dinner!

Consider bringing a non-perishable food item for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank!

Bikes, dogs, strollers, scooters, etc are all welcome and all are invited! Hope to see you on Christmas Day!

Presented by Crozet Running, Crozet Pediatric Dentistry, Crozet Bicycle Shop, and Cakes by Rachel!

Perrone Robotics Open House in Crozet

It was cool to see the future in Crozet.

The open house on 22 December at Perrone Robotics in Downtown Crozet was surprisingly well attended. Crozetians are curious about the robot cars.

We are lucky to have such a thing here in Crozet. Here’s hoping we – and the County – embrace this company, and work to bring others to Crozet.

Plus, they are hiring.

Lots of people interested in Perrone

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Delegate Landes Town Hall – 27 December 2017

Local politics matters, folks. Get involved. The more, (and the more informed), the better.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Crozet Library, Large Room
2020 Library Avenue, Crozet, Virginia

From Del. Landes’ site:

WEYERS CAVE, VA – Delegate R. Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, will hold three town hall meetings as part his outreach initiative for residents of the 25th House District in preparation for the 2018 legislative session. Delegate Landes continues a three-pronged approach to maximize constituent input consisting of Town Hall meetings, a pre-session legislative survey and the continuation of his 25th House District Advisory Committee (HDAC).

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CCAC Meeting – December 20 2017

Last CCAC meeting of the year, and the first I’ll do without Storify to capture the tweets. I’m still not sure how I’m going to do that … suggestions, anyone? #CCAC1217

For the good of our community, make 2018 the year you get involved in the Crozet community before something affects your direct, immediate backyard.

(my additions in italics)


Crozet Library

Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


1. Agenda Review (Dave Stoner – CCAC chair)
2. Approval of Minutes

3. Milestone Communications Wireless Tower SUP Presentation (Lori Schweller, Re-LeClaireRyan, 45 min)

4. Items Not Listed on the Agenda

5. Announcements

6. Potential Future Agenda Items

a. Feb – Albemarle County Stormwater Utility Plans Greg Harper, Env.
Services Chief

b. Feb (?) – Crozet Survey Results/Discussion (remember the new Master Plan?) If you’re interested, do some digging on the Crozet Master Plan here.

c. TBD – Old Trail Historical Recap (related stories from 2005: One, Two. And one from this year)

d. TBD – Albemarle County Economic Development Authority Invite