Wrapping up the Crozet Town Meeting – 30 September 2009 Crozet Town Meeting- September 30 2009

Ed. Note: This story was written by RealCrozetVA reader and commenter Leslie Burns.

At the town meeting on Sept. 30th, the progress of the Master Plan was reviewed by individuals spearheading each part of the plan that are seeing progress. A brief review showed attention to all of the 7 Guiding Principles. Take a moment to review the principles that you in Crozet set out as a guide from the very beginning of this process:

The 7 Guiding Principles of Crozet’s Master Plan

– Building Distinct Neighborhoods

– Linking the community through multiple forms of transportation, including walking and bicycle riding.

– Diversity, affordability and choice in housing stock.

– Promoting locally grown businesses that provide jobs for residents.

– Valuing and conserving natural resources.

– Families, History and Diversity provide identity to the community.

– Actively supporting the community facilities-parks, pool, library etc.

Lee Catlin and Ann Mallek welcomed and introduced the evening’s presenters and their purpose. Individuals working directly with each area presented an overview of the progress being made.

Bill Letteri – Director of the Albemarle County Office of Facilities Development- spoke about the many facets that make up the master plan as a whole and how they work together. He urged Crozet to stand united behind the plan which has $15 million in funds scheduled to help realize the vision.

Trevor Henry– Albemarle County Senior Project Manager- brought us up to date on the Library and introduced the elevation/drawings for viewing. The Library is working towards a LEED Silver certificate, making it not only a pleasant place to read books, but an environmentally friendly place as well.

Jack Kelsey– Albermarle County Transportation Engineer- spoke of the progress being made on the Streetscape project. The preparations for the utilities work is almost complete, as well as slow and steady progress towards gaining easement rights downtown. The process is still on schedule. The new curbs, sidewalks and trees, as well as removal of the utility lines will greatly enhance the downtown experience.

Jarman’s Gap project (a VDOT project) for widening and improving the usability of that road is also on track and is an active piece of the Master Plan puzzle.

Bill Schraeder– Chair of Fundraising for the Crozet Library- urged all those present and beyond, to be creative and provide sources for funding of the library. He asked all of the citizens of Crozet that work for, or have retired from corporations/businesses who donate through matching funds or otherwise, to reach out to them for monies to be donated to the Crozet library. You can contact Bill directly or donate using the following contact info:

Friends of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library-Crozet Building Fund
1500 Gordon Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 22903
phone: (434-977-8467 | email
Crozet Library Fundraising Committee-Bill Schrader, Chair
phone: (434)823-8420 | email

Ron White– Albermarle County Housing Director- let us know that new affordable housing project at The Meadows (on Crozet Ave.) is ahead of schedule. A grant of $700,000 provided funding for the land and site preparation that will bring the total units at the Meadows to 66. The new buildings are Earthcraft built- meaning that they are in line with green building specifications. Once the new buildings are completed, the older units will be renovated. This housing is specifically built for those 62 years and older.

David Wayland– heads the Crozet Historic District and updated us on the Historic District designation, which has been approved. The area included is north from the Rock Gate cemetery on Crozet Ave. up to the Old School, west on St. George and east to include the downtown area.

Elaine Echols– Albemarle County Principal Planner- gave us a five-year update on the Crozet Master Plan. Crozet is one of eleven growth areas in Albemarle County. They project that by July 2010 the planning and preparation should be completed and bids for work to take the progress forward will occur.
Albemarle County Police had Sergeant Pete Mazmer (sp) speak about the police presence in Crozet and in this section of Albemarle County. Main concerns he addressed were traffic and safety.

All speakers were available to answer questions and provide more information following the brief updates.

PLAN TO ATTEND the first of many scheduled forums to discuss individual Master Plan topics. The first forum will be held at the Old Crozet School on October 15th, hosted by Crozet Community Advisory Council.

Sign up for Crozet e-news from A-mail: www.albermarle.org/amail
Check out the Crozet website: www.albermarle.org/crozet

Attend the Crozet Community Advisory Council regularly scheduled

Meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 7-9 PM at The Meadows

For more information on the Crozet Master Plan please call Rebecca Ragsdale at 434-296-5832 or email.

Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival – October 10 and 11 2009

The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival is this weekend, and with any luck the weather will be as good as it was this past weekend (which was perfect). This is a great event that tends to highlight one of the (many) reasons why it’s great to live in Crozet.

Wine tasting, children’s events, hundreds of arts and crafts vendors

The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival’s site has a nice history of the event, written by Tracey Pugh:

The first Crozet Arts and Crafts festival occurred in May 1981 with a roster of 28 artists and craftsmen. The idea was Mrs. George Kane’s. At the time she was serving as treasurer of Claudius Crozet Park and she was well aware that the Park desperately needed a source of yearly income to support it. In particular, there was the pressing necessity of paying off a very sizeable debt incurred when the 20-year-old junior Olympic pool required extensive repairs. The debt came to $53,000 and interest on it amounted to nearly $5,000 that first year.

In the years since its inception, advertising and other costs have climbed, guidelines for permits and licenses have become more rigid and offering an affordable show for the artists has become increasingly challenging. We not only want to raise money for the day-to-day operation of the Park, we want to ensure our artists make a profit as well. Most of the festival profits come from gate admission. There is a limit on how much the Festival can charge in space fees, and the monies received from those are spent on advertising and other expenses. Many of the ideas and principles implemented by Mrs. Kane are still in effect.

Claudius Crozet Park is a community non-profit recreational facility open to all. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe place for children to play, a place where families will want to spend leisure time together and where young and old alike can enjoy the beauty this area is blessed with. As the primary source of income for year round operations, the Crozet Arts & Crafts festival relies heavily on the support of local businesses and individuals to help ease expenses.

(They’re on Facebook, too!)

(Search for homes for sale in Crozet, or call Jim Duncan 434-242-7140)

To the Person Who Backed into the Car at the Crozet Mudhouse

Be responsible and ‘fess up. Please. From a comment on the CvillePieFest post:

Nice photos. The Mudhouse was busy. Unfortunately the parking lot was even busier. Our car was parked on the row near the tracks and was seriously backed in to. No note was left, tho I’m sure the other car was damaged. No quote yet but I may rethink coming in to big Mudhouse/Crozet activities.

I hate to make such a negative post on RealCrozetVa, but I’d hate even more for the person who backed into L Ward’s car to not send an email or leave a comment apologizing. Heck, email me your contact info and I’ll pass it along. This shouldn’t happen, darn it.

Crozet PARC – a Dome for the Crozet Pool

The new Crozet Park Aquatic and Recreation Center (Crozet PARC) will be the first of its kind in Albemarle County. It will provide affordable year round swimming and fitness programming for families in the western part of the county and beyond.

Our fundraising campaign has two phases. The first benchmark is to raise $200,000 in the community to match a pledge from Claudius Crozet Park, Inc. This $400,000 benchmark will provide the funding to add a removable dome to the existing pool; the final phase of the campaign will provide the funding to convert the existing park building into a recreation center that will offer fitness equipment, classes, after- school and camp programs, and community space for healthy lifestyle workshops. The Crozet P.A.R.C. will be a special place, open to all, regardless of ability or income.

Campaign Goals:
• 2009 – 2010 Pool Dome Fund Drive
• 2010 – 2011 Recreation Center Fund Drive
Claudius Crozet Park, Inc. is a community-owned charitable organization (501(c)3).

All gifts are tax deductible and can be mailed to:
Crozet Park Pool Dome
PO Box 171
Crozet, VA 22932

Make checks payable to Claudius Crozet Park, with pool dome written in the memo section.

Information will be available at the Crozet Music Festival October 2nd, 3rd & 4th and at the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival on October 10th & 11th.

For more information or to make a donation on-line visit our park website after October 1, 2009
and click on the Crozet P.A.R.C. campaign tab. The park website is www.crozetpark.org.
For additional questions contact Ravi Respeto from the fundraising committee at [email protected].

More at Crozet Gazette.

A Review of DaLuca’s in Old Trail

I tweeted last week about how my wife and I were trying out the new wine bar, DaLuca’s, in the Old Trail Town Center. That tweet prompted this reader-submitted* review:

DaLucas is newly opened and we are thrilled to add yet another restaurant name to a rapidly growing list of other new eateries in Crozet.

Yippee they are here – however – some tweaking needs to occur if they are going to flourish and compete with what is already out here and what is on the way.

Having worked in New York in the food and entertainment business I tripped over myself to be first in line at Dalucas after having read their posted menu pre-opening that seemed Zagat worthy to me.

Upon arrival I was disappointed that Sauvignon Blanc was not available by the glass – it may be on the wine menu by now if others like me who enjoy a good grassy wine have requested it.

My husband and I ordered two drinks – a pinot grigio and he a beer that was an interesting lemony/citrusy brew – forget the names but was good.

Then the three tapis – quite pricey and not very large for a tapis serving in my mind. Quality too was lacking, but hey, it was only night two since opening.

The bill was a shocker at $65.00 and we went home still hungry.

We love the view of the mountains from the patio, we love that they are here but we hope the prices come down some and the wine bar expands its choices of wines (hint we have some great local wineries to add to your wine menu – Mount Fair, King Family, White Hall).

We want to support these nice folks – all of them from the wait staff to the owners – but with current prices we can’t afford DeLucas very often.

Foodie Mom in Crozet

As I said again on Twitter:

@crozette at $60 minimum for 2, da Luca’s won’t be a weekly (or monthly) outing for most, I suspect

*Thank you for the review! If you would like something on RealCrozetVA, please let me know.

Crozet Music Festival – October 2 – 4 2009

If you’re interested in the Crozet Music Festival (and you really should be) take a few minutes and watch (or read the transcripts) the two videos below – (my apologies for the brief shakiness of the videos).

Disclosure: I’m on the Board of Directors for the Crozet Music Festival.

Jim: Here we are at Green House Coffee in Crozet, Virginia. I’m here with Biff Rossberg, founder of Crozet Music Festival. I just wanted to do a quick, five minute interview with Biff. I had a question about Crozet Music Festival. I’m going to run through my list. Just give us a quick, 30 second summary of what the Crozet Music Festival is.

Biff: The Festival is a three day event. We have 51 bands coming. We have all kinds of festivity type things going. Friday is rock n roll day. Saturday is family day. We’ve got a bunch of stuff for the kids and then Sunday is more of a laid back day. We’re calling it mellow Sunday.

Jim: Mellow Sunday. Who’s coming to that?

Biff: Oh, we’ve got the Grateful Dead cover band, Alligator, The Mondo Mafia. I wish I had my list right in front of me, darn it.

Jim: That’s quite all right. Quite all right. It will be up on the blog as well. (ed note: Here is the list of bands)

Biff: It’s up on the website.

Jim: What’s the website?

Biff: www.crozetmusicfestival.com, www.crozetmusicfestival.net, www.crozetmusicfestival.org any of the three.

Jim: Now where is this located?

Biff: Misty Mountain Camp ground is where we’re having it again. It’s on route 250, just west of the 64/250 interchange.

Jim: How far from downtown Crozet?

Biff: Oh, a mile and a half or two miles.

Jim: Not bad. Now who is benefiting from this?

Biff: We’re fund raising for the Western Albemarle Rescue Squad. After all the expenses are paid, they’ll get over 50% of the profits from the festival.

Jim: Wow. That’s wonderful. Why should anyone from Crozet, Charlottesville, surrounding areas come?

Biff: Well don’t come if you don’t like music because that’s about all that’s going to be going on, well not all that’s going on. We’ve got a lot of vendors, lots of things for sale. For the kids on Saturday we have a face painter, juggler, a rock wall, pony rides, we have a bounce around house, we have a game room and we have a play ground. So there’s plenty to do if you want to have a good time and a good day. We’ve lowered the ticket prices this year, so hopefully it will be something that’s affordable for everybody.

Jim: You mentioned when we talked the other day something about vineyards?

Biff: Vineyards. We have eight wineries coming, so we’re going to have our own mini wine festival in the middle of the music festival. So you’ve got a music festival, a vendor festival, and we’ve got some breweries coming too. We didn’t forget the breweries. Blue Mountain is coming, the Devil’s Backbone and Starr Hill will all be there.

Jim: Anything else you want to say?

Biff: I just hope to see you there.

Jim: Good. Thanks Biff.

Jim: This is Jim Duncan, Real Crozet VA again. I’m here with John Updike on the board of the Crozet Music Festival. John, just tell us a little bit about who is involved in setting this thing up.

John: Well Bill Rossberg and I have been working on it, this will be our third year. Our mission for the festival is to show local musicians that they’re still appreciated. With all the national acts that are coming to the Charlottesville area, there’s kind of a focus on that, but we want to have a venue for the local musicians to gather and play in one spot. We’ve found the Crozet Music Festival to be a good venue for that and Misty Mountain Campground is hosting the event for the second year. We like the venue a lot because it offers camping around the site. Also our mission is to be family oriented. We’re not a festival of reckless abandon. We want to encourage family’s/adults to bring their children and feel safe in the environment out there. So far I think we’ve accomplished that goal. We’ve got just about 50 bands for three days and two stages, so we’re excited about that. We feel like people are getting to know the festival with each year that we have it.

Jim: I think there are 51 bands. How does that compare to last year?

John: I think we only had it for two days last year, so I think we were talking maybe 30 bands last year, but each year we’ve grown by a day. The first year was one day, the second year was two days, and this year will be three.

Jim: Where do you expect the people to come from? Mainly Charlottesville and central Virginia or do you think there will be more statewide?

John: Well that was the expectation the first two years and it proved to be true. I think we’re getting more of a regional presence now. I’ve heard of a group from Lynchburg coming up that will be staying at the campground. I think we’re trying to branch out to Harrisonburg and Stanton and Richmond. Some of the bands are from some of those areas, so that tends to draw people from a larger area, so we’re expecting the demographics to grow this year and with that growth we expect more awareness of the festival.

Jim: Now we were talking earlier about there is a lot of people who are going to be peddling their wares if you will, there will be family activities, a wine festival, and bands. Is there anything else we can mention to attract people in for the weekend?

John: Well, there’s some great food vendors. Alex Montiel has been our food director and he’ll be bringing his own outfit in and there will be some others. Anything from Mexican cuisine to the hamburgers and hot dogs and some things in between. We’re having the Devil’s Backbone Brewery, Blue Mountain, and Starr Hill and JWC bringing beer. I think we’re having six or eight wineries from around the region and of course there will be soft drinks for the young ones and there will be a children’s area, a playground, and Adrian Young of Backyard Revolutions is going to bring an activities tent to entertain the kids. So we feel like we’ve got a well-rounded festival and plenty to do for everybody and of course the music speaks for itself. The bands themselves have a lot of local followers and we’re hoping that will bring some people in and I’ve heard that there is a high school reunion going on that weekend and they’re making the Crozet Music Festival part of their activities. So more people are finding out about it and I think that will make our numbers grow.

Jim: And what’s the website again?

John: www.crozetmusicfestival.com It’s got all the information including the schedule including the bands.

Jim: Can you buy tickets there too?

John: You can buy tickets there and Mincers and Belair Market are selling them as well.

Jim: So a good time to be had by all?

John: It should be and we’re excited to be having the third annual Crozet Music Festival and we invite everyone to come out.

Jim: Thanks John.

Batesville Store – 10 Minutes from Crozet

I’ve been showing property in and around Batesville quite a bit for the past several weeks; thanks to this I’ve had occasion to re-acquaint myself with the Batesville Store.

A reminder: it’s outstanding. If you’ve been recently, what do you think?

Albemarle Farmer likes the Batesville Store.

Batesville Store

From their most recent email blast:

Our featured musicians this Saturday evening are Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish, aka The Honey Dewdrops, who won first place in The Prairie Home Companion’s “People in Their Twenties” National Talent Show in 2008. Laura grew up in Batesville, and she and Kagey now live in Scottsville when they aren’t touring the country. We’d like to celebrate these true local favorites by putting out a buffet of Batesville Store local favorites—and I’m hoping that you will help us decide what to serve.

So I’m writing to you with a simple question:

What are your two favorite food items at the store?

You can nominate anything that can be eaten: a deli sandwich, a comfort food dish or smoked meat, a particular dessert, a deli side or variety of soup, a kind of bread, a flavor of ice cream . . . .

It’d also be great if you’d be willing to write a few words letting us know why each is a favorite. If we feature your comment at Saturday’s buffet, you will receive a $5.00 store credit.

Thanks so much for your help!



Charlottesville Pie Fest in Crozet – 3 October 2009

You may remember the original, spontaneous Pie Down from earlier this year. Now, the Pie Down has grown to become bigger, badder and better – proceeds benefiting PACEM.

Before you go to the Crozet Music Festival, stop by the Pie Fest!

Celebration of pie and community will benefit PACEM

WHAT:             The first-ever C’ville Pie Fest, a celebration of pie and community, will present a multiple-baker pie competition, musical entertainment from The Honey Dewdrops and a silent pie auction to benefit PACEM, the area’s winter homeless shelter.

WHO:               Judges for the pie competition include Charlottesville notables:

§         Coy Barefoot, director of communications for the Sorenson Institute; bestselling author and host and producer of WINA’s “Charlottesville Right Now.”

§         Mollie Cox Bryan, essayist, columnist, freelance writer, and bestselling author of Mrs Rowe’s Little Book of Southern Pies.

§         Jim Duncan, real estate analyst and REALTOR® with Real Central VA and RealCrozetVA.

§         Amy Eastlack, managing editor of SuzySaidCharlottesville.

§         Brian Geiger, The Food Geek, food science writer for Fine Cooking Magazine, and the current “Best Pie Maker” in Charlottesville.

§         Barbara Hutchinson, executive director of Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport.

§         Elizabeth McCullough, member of the Board of Directors at Writerhouse.

§         Delegate David Toscano, delegate for the 57th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

§         Brian Wheeler, director of Charlottesville Tomorrow and chairman of the Albemarle County School Board.

This event is free and open to the public.

WHEN:             Saturday, October 3, 2009

                        12 noon – 2pm

WHERE:           Mudhouse

5793 The Square
Crozet, VA 22932

(434) 823-2240

Crozet Town Meeting – Master Plan and More

Mark Your Calendars!

The Crozet Town Meeting
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Western Albemarle High School Cafeteria
6:30-7:00 p.m. – Meet & Greet
7:00-9:00 – Program

Download the flyer here.

Come and learn how the Crozet Master Plan is taking shape in your community.

Projects include the New Crozet Library, Streetscape and other downtown enhancements, the Crozet Master Plan 5-Year Update, a new affordable housing project at The Meadows, community efforts to initiate the Crozet Historic District, and Albemarle County Police programs in the area.

1st Annual Crozet Health Fair and 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk

Bring your family and friends to the 1st Annual Crozet Health and Wellness Fair.

On Sunday, October 18th, the Crozet Business Networking Group is sponsoring the 1st Annual Crozet Health Fair from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. at Crozet Baptist Church on St. George Avenue (near Downtown Crozet). This free event is promoting healthy living for all ages, with over 20 Crozet health care professionals providing free health screenings, education, assessments and other services.

The event will also have a 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk starting at 2:00 at the church.

The Crozet Health Fair will feature free flu shots for children without insurance, cholesterol checks, child fingerprinting, massage, glaucoma tests, oral cancer screenings, body mass index (BMI) measurements, blood pressure screenings, audiogram, orthodontic screenings, energy field screenings, posture analysis, and sleep disorder screenings. There will be local food vendors and activities for children. Meet your local health care providers and find new resources right in Crozet.

Starting at 2:00 p.m., presentations and demonstrations on topics such as first-aid, stress management, and healthy cooking/nutrition, will take place every 30 minutes.
No appointments or pre-registration are needed; attendees will be seen on a first come, first served basis.
Continue reading “1st Annual Crozet Health Fair and 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk”