Facing Terror Together

Sent to me by a fellow Crozetian:

What: Face Terror Together: A website is being created by a Charlottesville native to give people around the world a unique tool to respond to terrorism. This website let you take your picture and match your face with a stranger on the other side of the world in the face of terror. This will be a simple message to show that terrorism will no longer divide us

This is the current landing page for people to sign up for the launch: http://faceterrortogether.com/

Why Important: In lights of recent events, people around the world are looking for ways to help. With only a few clicks of a button, Face Terror Together will allow anyone in the world to make a statement. There will also be a list of charities fighting terrorism on the website that people can donate to.

Why will your audience find exciting: Two reasons why important:

(1) Charlottesville has become ground zero for the national and global discussion of hate crimes and terrorism. Launching this effort from Charlottesville will help show this city’s response.

(2) Gives residents an easy but important way to contribute and start a global movement.

Background: Jake Van Yahres is visual artist from Charlottesville and his grandfather was former mayor Mitch Van Yahres. His design agency, JVY Creations, has been actively working with many local businesses. Recently his Cville Love Shirts were distributed at Fridays after Five and due to popular demand now available through online stores.

Thank you

Jake Van Yahres

Albemarle County Police Department and Nextdoor

A forthcoming announcement from Nextdoor & Albemarle County Police:

We are excited to announce that Albemarle County Police Department has shown interest in using Nextdoor to provide important updates and information to neighborhoods in your area. As part of this effort, you may see periodic updates from Albemarle County Police Department staff in your neighborhood. The purpose of these updates is to share alerts, news, and other notifications that are relevant to your neighborhood. It’s important to note that Albemarle County Police Department staff can only see their own posts and replies to these posts. They will NOT be able to access or view any information that you and your neighbors have shared in your neighborhood. Communicating with Albemarle County Police Department staff is entirely voluntary, and you can see more information here. You may choose to unsubscribe from all Albemarle County Police Department posts, as explained here. Please visit our Help Center if you have any questions.

Nextdoor has proven to be quite useful for communicating within the Crozet area; I remain firm in my belief (and practice) that the open internet is a far better space in which to have community conversations, rather than walled off behind closed sites. Not everyone wants to create a Nextdoor or Facebook account, and this is a furthering of the siloing of the internet.

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A Sunday in Crozet

Bike ride past Beaver Creek followed by polo at King Family Vineyards (and then I showed a lot in Crozet)


Some days, things work out, thoughts about traffic, crowded schools and roads, and other worries temporarily fade away.

All told, Crozet is a great place to live.

Traffic in Crozet (letter from a reader)

via email:

I’ve lived in Crozet, down the street from Crozet Park most of my life. I understand my small town is going to grow. But I don’t get how we can continue on the path without fixing some problems?

Westlake is continuing to build and now more land across from the park is being developed. After being promised for the last eight years we’re getting another way out of our neighborhood I’m beginning to think it will never happen.

Between construction vehicles, school buses and your everyday commuter we are at our max. When a bad storm hits and we are stuck waiting for debris to be cleaned up before we can leave our home. Also all traffic is going out of Tabor Rd on to Park Ave, at this point we need a light at that intersection because no one wants to let each other out of Tabor Rd.

The lumber yard is going to be developed and with places such as Piedmont Place and others coming to Crozet Ave is continuing to see more congestion that it can’t handle. At what point will something finally be done? Are we going to wait like the county did with 29 North?

We should plan to fix problems like water use, schools and roads before it gets out of hand. Crozet is growing at a rate to fast for anyone to keep up. People in Brookwood, Westhall, and Westlake deserve another way out! The road from Parkside Village to 240 will not solve our problems either.

I’m hoping you will take my email serious, cause this effects many families.

*edited to add line breaks

The corresponding Facebook post (with lots of traffic & comments).

Departing Fireworks Traffic will be One Way (2017)

Reminder from the CCA: (seriously, if you can, walk to/from the fireworks)*

On Saturday, July 1, from about 10 to 10:30 pm (after the fireworks show) BOTH LANES of Park Road, High Street, and Tabor Street will be one?way from Claudius Crozet Park to Crozet Avenue. Albemarle County Police officers will be directing traffic at the Crozet Avenue/Tabor Street intersection.

Allie wrote in a Crozet FB group (and I’m posting with her permission)

Best Crozet day of the year! Bring chairs and/or blankets down to the route and bags for candy collection. It starts at Crozet Elementary and goes to Crozet Park.

If you need to drive down, I can give parking suggestions depending on what side of town you are coming from. People set up at least 15 minutes before the parade starts at 5.

There are usually some people handing out freezie pops before the parade starts, I know Crozet Running has in the past. It is fairly crowded from Green House Coffee to Tabor Street, and gets a little crowded again up near the park.

We live close enough to walk, so we usually walk home after the parade ends, load up …  chairs and blankets and drive to the park. It’s a suggested donation of $4 to get in (kids are free).

Everyone sets up chairs and blankets in the grass, there are some kid activities, music, and lots of food trucks, beer, proceeds go to the Park or the Rescue Squad, I forget what charity it is this year. Finally it gets dark, families break out the glow sticks, and at 9:30 the fireworks begin! I think it’s a 20 minute show.

After that, the traffic flows one way out of Park Rd and Tabor Street which helps a lot with getting out. We have always had a great time.


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Crozet Master Plan Survey Meeting – 23 March 2017

Short story: the Crozet Master Plan update will likely affect Crozet significantly. Be there if you’re interested. (does the Crozet Firehouse have open wifi?)


via email:

The Crozet Master Plan Survey committee meeting
Thursday, March 23, at 7:00 PM
at the Crozet Firehouse

Anyone interested in helping with the Crozet Master Plan survey is invited to attend the next meeting on Thursday, March 23 at 7:00 PM at the CrozetFirehouse (come around the back of the fire station, and enter through the glass doors on the east side).   We will be reviewing the final draft of the new survey based on all the input and feedback received.  The survey‘s goal is to find out what the residents of Crozet and surrounding community think about various topics and concerns related to the Crozet master plan and its implementation.

Background: Over six years ago, the Crozet community conducted a community survey to get input on items of concern and interest to Crozetresidents to inform the revision of the 2010 Crozet Master Plan revision.   This meeting is part  a similar process for the next revision of the Crozet Master Plan.  Said revision is already over a year over-due and not schedule by the County to occur for another year or two.  The Crozet Community Association (CCA) believes that’s too long to wait for revision, given the pace of development in Crozet.

This is a committee of the Crozet Community Association (CCA).   The results from the survey will be made public.  It will be used to inform the process of master plan revision.  It will also help inform what topics the CCA should focus on when it hosts some town hall meetings about Crozet Master Plan (CMP) revision topics.

Additional background:

We did this in 2009, too.

And in 2005, too

And you can listen to Tom Loach from 2007.