Missing HOAs

From a diligent researcher:

Additional Crozet HOAs: Info from State Corp. Comm.
8/3/06 (information may not be current as filings with state are due on annual basis)

Western Ridge Owners Association, Inc.
PO Box 924
Crozet VA 22932
President: Don Rich
Note: they used to have a website: www.wroaboard.org, but it appears to be defunct.

Old Trail Village Community Association, Inc.
800 East Jefferson St.
Charlottesville VA 22902
President: Gaylon Beights

Clover Lawn Village Owners Association, Inc.
100 Tenth St. Suite 103
Charlottesville VA 22902
President: Josh Goldschmidt
*Note: Developer may be is in the process of transferring control to homeowners.

Wayland’s Grant Homeowners’ Association
1926 Pinellas Point Dr. S.
St. Petersburg FL 33712
President: Robert E. Bargamin, Jr.

Bargamin Park Owners Association, Inc.
No address listed; registered agent is attorney M. Clifton McClure in Cville.
Vice President: Tom Selinger

Foxchase Owners’ Association, Inc.
1900 Arlington Blvd Suite A
Charlottesville VA 22903
President: Jeff Gaffney

Westhall Community Association, Inc.
No address listed; registered agent is attorney Robert Kroner in Cville
Directors are Hauser employees (Andy Lee, Frank Stoner, etc.)  and Josh Goldschmidt

Crozet Home Owners’ Associations

In the continuing effort to facilitate the conversation and dialogue between Crozetians, I am trying to compile local Homeowners’ Associations – hopefully websites, contact information for any and all will be appreciated. There is only so much that Google/Yahoo can do. 🙂

If you know (or are) an HOA president, VP, treasurer, or simply want to be involved, please leave the information in the comments below or email me.