Maybe Albemarle Should Just Not Build the Crozet Library

The government don’t seem capable of building it or funding it, so why keep the citizens’ hopes up?

Read the whole thing at Charlottesville Tomorrow, and don’t miss the timeline of the Crozet Library.

By the end of the summer, the parking lot for the new Crozet Library will be completed. As for the $9.6 million, 20,000-square-foot library itself, Albemarle officials said last week that, absent sufficient capital funding, its start date was uncertain and the project may have missed the window of a very favorable construction market. ?


“The most recent estimate that we just received has that cost estimate at around $6.8 million or just under $300 a square foot,” Henry said, describing the construction costs in the $9.6 million overall project. “The big drivers in that cost estimate change are site work and concrete.”

But at least we’ll have a parking lot.

Testing a New Category – New Deals

Update 9 August 2016: Came back to this post thanks to a spam comment I had to delete. Looks like this experiment didn’t work; just not the right fit for this site.


I don’t use the term “deal” lightly. In a sign of the times, these three listings just came on the market in Crozet and I could not help but point them out. They’re not my listings, but are available via the Charlottesville MLS.

One in Cory Farm and one in Rockbridge, and a lot in Wickham Pond.

Candidly, if you’d rather me not post these here, please let me know – either in the comments on via my contact form.

You can search for homes in Crozet at my Crozet home search page. As a means to gauge buyer sentiment, I also have a poll at RealCentralVA; please consider voicing your opinion.