Support the Crozet Independence Day Parade & Fireworks (2016)

via email – “We are writing to ask for your enthusiastic support of our small town tradition – our annual Crozet Independence Day parade and fireworks show! This event helps maintain the best of Crozet – friends and neighbors coming together to enjoy good times, celebrate our nation’s independence and help out others.  It’s an …

Barnes Lumberyard Proposal Decision Deferred 8 Weeks

– The Applicant (Milestone Partners) requested and was granted an 8 week deferral.

– The Planning Commission seemingly relied heavily on the CCAC’s opinion and resolution concerning the proposal (I assume this is the one).

The Barnes Lumber property is currently zoned for heavy industrial.

– Apparently the CCAC voted 10-3 in support of this resolution, but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t follow the CCAC meeting on Twitter or read the Storify of the tweets as the CCAC have no minutes online for the entirety of 2014 and most of 2013 (and the roster is out of date).

– I’m grateful for those who give their time to tweet these meetings; without them the community would be less informed. Thank you!

– When is the next CCAC meeting? If you support or oppose this proposal, now’s (really, 6 months ago) the time to get informed and involved. These decisions affect all of us.

Recapping CCAC – Future of Barnes Lumber Property

I’m going to update this later today, but wanted to publish a draft for those interested in last night’s conversation. It was, in my opinion, a great conversation and dialogue. Great input from the public and the CCAC. There was a lot of information covered last night – from possible timelines, challenges with developing such …

Results of the “Does Crozet Need a Hotel” Survey

Questions about a Crozet hotel? - Google Drive-3.jpg

First, thank you to everyone who took the time to take and comment on the survey; I’m going to keep it open for responses for at least a couple weeks.

Second, to answer two of the comments on the survey “and btw, bugger you if you use my ip address! for anything!” and “Don’t want to be contacted or added to mailing lists.” Nope. Never. If you want to subscribe to RealCrozetVA, you can do that. If you want to subscribe to my monthly note, you can do that too. I’ll never spam you.

Third, I received this by email (and am posting it with permission and have edited it a wee bit) –

Am I the only person who nowadays finds mention of “Crozet” as a location confusing?

People often refer to events taking place in Old Trail as being in “Crozet”–period. If I were a stranger to the area trying to attend an event in Old Trail listed as being “in Crozet,” I would be searching in downtown Crozet for an event that is actually taking place in Old Trail.

Thus when you ask if a hotel should be built in “Crozet,” I don’t know if you mean “old” Crozet or “new” Crozet (i.e., Old Trail or along 250). Therefore I can’t contribute to the survey without knowing exactly where you are talking about. Could you please let me know?

I do think there needs to be a discussion about differentiating between downtown Crozet and all of the new businesses outside of downtown, either on 250 or in Old Trail. It’s too confusing, in my opinion, for people to just say “Crozet”.

And my response –

When I say “Crozet” I deliberately think all of Crozet – from Greenwood Gourmet to the railroad trestle at 240/250 to about Wyant’s …

Realistically we have three business districts – Downtown, Old Trail and 250 and I personally think that we need to focus on downtown as Old Trail has the developers focusing on it while 250 has the market, if you will.

So … I think for the first part of the conversation it’d be better to be “greater Crozet” and then where within Crozet … what do you think?

We touched on this topic in January when we talked about “What do We Want Crozet to Be?” – which ended up having a great discussion – worth (re)visiting.

I’m going to excerpt some of the comments to the survey below.

If you’re interested in the full results (minus respondents’ contact information) please leave a comment or contact me.