Walk to School Day

Dear Members of the Crozet Community, We wanted to let you know that on Friday, March 31, children at Crozet Elementary School will be walking to school.  This event is designed to help kids learn that fitness can be fun and practical….  Supported by the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation [ACCT] and their Safe Routes to School initiative, this event encourages all families who can walk to school to do so.  Children who must ride the bus will have the opportunity to take a walk around the outside of the school before entering the building for the day.  Parents who drive their children by car are invited to park at Crozet Baptist Church on St.  George Avenue and walk to school from there under the supervision of school staff.  A second supervised “Walking School Bus” will walk from the Brookwood neighborhood.  Members of the community are advised to be on the lookout for children walking in the neighborhoods and to be extra careful driving between 7-8am.

CCAC Meeting 21 November 2013 Recap

Sounds like a lot was discussed at last night’s Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting. Huge thanks to WAHS student @Tim_Dodson, @CvilleKim, @tfjtolson and @crozetbulldogs (their Twitter names for the uninitiated 🙂 ) for tweeting the meeting. Thank you for taking the time to attend and share the information with the community.

The meeting recap – via tweets – is after the break. Click through, scroll to the bottom and make your way up. There’s a lot of relevant and pertinent Crozet information in there.

Some of the topics –

– Barnes Lumberyard development plan

– Streetscape update (there’s a meeting on 3 December)

– Jarman’s Gap/Crozet Avenue intersection (I still say roundabout)

– Safe Routes to School update

– Pedestrian improvements at Clover Lawn

– Design charette for the Barnes Lumberyard?

– Hotel update

Please read and be informed – and thank the folks who tweeted if you see them!

The past few days on RealCrozetVA Facebook (1-19 January)

I don’t like Facebook, but over 1500 people do like the RealCrozetVA facebook … and it’s quite a useful hub for the community.  These are the most recent posts there. 16 January – My curiosity led to a great conversation about Crozet’s walkable neighborhoods. I’m writing a story now about this. 16 January – Crozet Arts’ …

Looking Back at 2014 in Crozet

2014 – as seen through the RealCrozetVA lens: A year of the Streetscape, the CCAC wielding its influence, (parts of) the Crozet real estate market stabilized/picked up, the Crozet Library solidified itself as a hub of the community, Old Trail continued to grow, the RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter thrived, and the Crozet community time and again demonstrated how Crozet …

CCAC Meeting – 19 November 2014 Recap

As usual, lots was discussed at this evening’s Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting. Streetscape is nearly finished (celebration at noon on Thursday 20 November) Safe Routes to School progress (some) 250 improvements are funded Big discussion about future economic development, strategy, efficiency. What role should the CCAC play? What is the CCAC charge? Should there …