Crozet Community Association Meeting

Tonight at the Firehouse at 7:30. It should be interesting. Lots to discuss!

From the DP:

The county’s Comprehensive Plan designates Crozet for growth. The county’s Neighborhood Model illustrates what growth should look like. The Crozet Master Plan, painstakingly developed with residents’ involvement, describes how growth should occur specifically in and around Crozet. Individual rezonings and similar board decisions implement all those plans.

Residents believe the Master Plan should be the ultimate guide. But they are not sure the Board of Supervisors is following that vision.

Adding to the confusion is the difficulty of measuring growth. Master Plan figures predict a maximum population of about 12,000 in 20 years when the area is fully “built out.” Supervisors and county staff suggest a population of 24,000. And an analyst at the Piedmont Environmental Council says the number could go even higher – up to 33,000 people.

And Charlottesville Tomorrow is following the story. Here and here.

New restaurant in Crozet

In the space where Kokopelli’s used to be is a new restaurant. I saw the big flat-screen TV driving by last night and then saw the small sign that said “Open, beer and wings.” (At least I think I saw beer), but couldn’t stop to watch the game because of the kids … this is a good thing. We had dinner at the new Three Notched Grill last week – it was quite good, but pricey. I hope this new place is a good, cheap place to pay $2.50 for a beer rather than $4 or $5. Crozet needs it. For the sake of reporting, I will make it a point to visit soon.

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Ford Explorer enthusiast community coming to Crozet

I didn’t even know one existed, but they are coming to Crozet this Summer.

In 2006, the community will celebrate the success of Serious Explorations with three off-road events across the United States. The first, on May 13-14, will be held in Moab, Utah, where owners will explore Utah’s famed slickrock trails. On June 17-18, owners will traverse the Badlands Off-road park in Attica, Indiana. Finally, on June 24-25, owners will gather in Crozet, Virginia. Each event will be highlighted by a dinner and raffle.

This is the first I have heard about it. I wonder where they will stage their events? It sounds like they will be populating the local campgrounds.

The story is here. Their forums are here and here. Discussion is here. Who knew?

Big boxes coming to Crozet?

I heard a rumor or two today about a couple of chains that may be making their way to the Crozet area.

How would that change the Crozet area? Currently we have been able to maintain a “small-town” feel, with local restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies, etc. What impact would large-scale national chains have on Crozet? What, if anything, could be done to prevent or encourage these types of stores to come?

Would anybody care?

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Crozet’s tunnel

WCAV has a nice story about Crozet’s tunnel under Afton Mountain.

Did you know the first railroad tunnel under Afton Mountain in Nelson County used to be the longest railroad tunnel in the United States?

Built by Claudius Crozet, the tunnel may soon be a hiking trail. Little gems like this make Crozet a unique place to live. Now if I could only make the time for hiking again!

On a personal note, Claudius Crozet is the namesake for Crozet Hall, the mess hall at VMI and home of darned near the worst food I have ever eaten.

Authors wanted for RealCrozetVa

Does anybody want to write for RealCrozetVa?

My vision for this blog is for it to become a hub for the Crozet community. If you want to know about the pancake breakfast at the Crozet Fire Department (which I learned about only on my way to church yesterday), or you want to discuss Crozet’s growth and the County’s complicity in their lack of infrastructure, or want to start a group that will lobby for mass transit, come here.

An example is last week, the post about Innisfree Village was, for lack of a better term, useful.

Write about what your vision for Crozet. Make it heartfelt, make it candid. If nothing else, make your voice heard.

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New roads in Crozet – sooner rather than later?

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s blog has a good post about the County’s recent transportation strategy meeting. Specifically regarding Crozet –

Jarman’s Gap
– VDOT public hearing on this project scheduled for March 2006
– Current “advertisement date” for construction is December 2008

Accelerated action on preliminary engineering for two NEW streets in the Crozet Master Plan: Eastern Avenue (between Routes 240 and 250) with a bridge at Lickinghole Creek and a new Main Street starting at Crozet Avenue.  The goal with both streets is to work with property owners to get alignment established and to complete engineering design of the bridge (current estimated cost is $6 million for the bridge)

Change is upon us. Get Ready.

Update: The discussion looks promising.

Crozet’s Mural

Yet another reason why I enjoy living in Crozet – the community.

Normally, when a group of teenagers is spotted covering the outside of a building with paint, the words “graffiti” and “vandals” come up.

But when the group is made of Western Albemarle High School students and the building is the Great Valu grocery in Crozet, the word that comes up is preservation.

So far, the mural is a reflection of the four seasons in Crozet. The next stage of the project will be a townscape of Crozet from the 1950s and 1960s, including buildings that already have been torn down. West did the research on the history of Crozet, finding old photos to help her with sketches.

I love that we have this kind of community that can come together for something as valuable as this mural.

Starr Hill’s beer rocks.

I think it is so cool that Crozet has become the new home to Starr Hill’s brewing operations. There is a great story by Chirstina Ball in The HooK about their continuing growth and accolades.

But local master brewer Mark Thompson, owner and co-founder of The Starr Hill Brewing Company, is making such a slight impossible. Thompson, who’s from Virginia but studied the art of brewing out west, is still beaming from yet another sweeping victory at the 2005 Great American Beer Festival. This festival, which takes place in Denver– “the Napa Valley of beer”-­ each fall, is the Olympics of Beer. Going head-to-head at the 2005 competition were no fewer than 1,672 beers from 466 breweries.

Starr Hill garnered a gold medal for its Dark Starr Stout and two silvers for its Mojo Lager and Amber Ale. Last year both the Mojo and the Starr Hill Pale Ale took the gold.

Thompson’s vision for this new location includes a tourist-friendly tasting room as well as a roof deck offering views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Tour buses departing from and returning to Starr Hill on West Main Street are also a possibility.

They truly do have great beer. Tour buses in little old Crozet? I certainly would welcome the tasting room though … and maybe even a Starr Hill West?