Crozet Fireworks Needs Our Help (2011)

We have a beautiful environment, a varied four-season climate, a safe community, a friendly and involved group of citizens who value all the good things that come with living in a small town. … People come to Crozet from all over our country to enjoy the quality of life that perhaps they used to know somewhere else, but no longer exists in many cities and towns. … Let’s lend our financial support to our Crozet Park as it tries to complete a fund-raising goal to pay for an all-season dome over the pool. … The festivities continue on Saturday, July 2nd with a parade down Crozet Avenue starting at 4:00 PM and a fireworks show beginning that evening around 9:30 (or 20 minutes after dark) in Crozet Park.

This Thursday, Ann Mallek will Announce her Candidacy for Re-Election

She has focused on representation, hosting fifteen town halls in the three years, listening to and speaking out for citizens in the district. She worked with Crozet residents on passage of the downtown zoning district and the successful revision of the master plan that protects the character of their small town. … In April, 2010, citizens in the northern end of the district celebrated the opening of the new Advance Mills Bridge, reuniting the community and providing timely emergency medical and fire services to residents north of the river.

…In 2011 the review of the comprehensive plan will need the attention of all residents to discuss regulations for bed and breakfasts, historic tourism and other topics.?

Time to Wake up the Bedroom Community Citizens of Crozet!

It was announced tonight at the Crozet Community Association meeting that there is going to be a Master Plan review and meeting on Thursday, January 21st whose purpose (for one) will bring to light an idea that at least one person in our community claims will supply the revenue generating light industrial growth that Crozet (by way of our growth-area designation in the county) is destined to support. … The vision of retaining the downtown area and building it up to support sustainable and healthy growth alongside the tracks and within walking distance of community services already in place, will become nothing but a memory if the car and semi-truck driven sprawl is allowed to go in where it is proposed. … If we do not interact, speak-up and have a hand in the sustainable design of our town here- it will not be a tool in our hands- but in the hands of those that would profit from mindless business-as-usual sprawl. … People that live in Crozet can affect how and where that revenue-creating light industrial growth is to occur by becoming the community that we claim we came here to be part of.

How Should Crozet Grow?

Now, rather than after the fact, is the time to discuss and voice your opinions. Crozet Gazette: (also download the complete results of the Crozet Master Plan questionnaire from the Gazette – thank you, Gazette!) Crozet residents don’t want to see the small town quality of life they enjoy sacrificed to growth pressures and therefore …

Brief Notes for 2009-06-28

Strictly from a housing point of view, Title II -Building Efficiency of Clean Energy & Security bill -is bad. Very bad. # Shame there were no fireworks yesterday. What happened? # Fireworks at 10:30 tonight? You'd think more people would know about it. # Anyone taking photos of the parade today, please upload …

Where will Crozet Pizza go?

In addition to overhauling the block where the pizza shop sits, the redevelopment project, called Crozet Station, would add a façade to the adjacent strip shopping center anchored by the Crozet Great Valu grocery store. … Architect Bill Atwood hopes to start construction on the redevelopment this summer and said work could last for three years, done in three phases.

Send those Crozet Fireworks donations now!

Box 124 Crozet, Virginia 22932Text of the letter requesting funds is below the “fold.”From annual Crozet Volunteer Fireman’s Fourth of July Parade will be held June 30th at 10:00 a.m. !  A summer fest – party will be held after the parade at Claudius Crozet Park with fireworks by the Crozet Community Association that evening.I don’t know that the Crozet Community Association is the sponsor, and frankly, I don’t care.  So long as the fireworks go on (and I can see from from my back porch)Dear Crozet community leaders:I am writing as President of the newly incorporated Downtown Crozet Association, Inc. to ask for your support of a community effort for which our organization has agreed to serve as the coordinating sponsor.After many years of providing a free Fireworks Display as part of their Fourth of July Fireman’s Carnival, our Crozet Volunteer Fire Department has reluctantly decided that they must give up providing this show which has become a tradition for our community.  The fireworks costs have increased significantly and this expense was taking away from the purpose of their carnival – to raise funds to purchase fire fighting equipment!The Downtown Crozet Association is a Virginia non-profit corporation (our IRS 501c3 application is pending) consisting of downtown Crozet merchants, property owners and others who are committed to preserving the identity of Crozet as a distinct community and promoting the small town values that drew us here in the first place!We must raise $4,200 to Save the Fireworks and, although we have placed collection jars at locations around town, your leadership donation is essential to reaching our goal.