Crozet Trails Crew’s Monthly meeting Tomorrow

If you’re interested, I’m sure they’d be happy to see you. Just a cheerful reminder about our monthly meeting this Thursday (6:00- 7:30) at Trailside Coffee. … Prepare for the CCAC “Walk to Schools” meeting that will be held next thursday 2. … I was wondering about a map of the greenways and found one on their blog ; if I could make the time, I’d love to volunteer with this group.

Albemarle County Announces Safe Routes to School Grant for Crozet Elementary

Approximately 177 of 305 students live within two miles of Crozet Elementary School and there are over 200 homes in neighborhood located within one-half mile of the school that will be able to take advantage of the new pedestrian features. In addition, the private Field School located directly across the street from Crozet Elementary will also be linked by the new sidewalk to neighborhoods north of downtown Crozet and will be served by the new crosswalk and warning sign features. … The Crozet PTO’s Walk to School program already sponsors monthly walks for children and their parents and supports the Safe Route project as a way to encourage active, healthy lifestyles among students, and the school administration is strongly committed to promoting alternative transportation for their students. … “Our goal is for families to feel comfortable allowing their students to walk or ride their bikes to school, and with the changes funded by this grant, we envision one-third to one-half of our student population now being able to safely walk to school.”

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-03-21

# RT @ mistycamp : I posted 101 photos on Facebook in the album “CROZET MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009” # RT @ jabacares : Mountainside Senior Living (Crozet) holds its beauty pageant tonight at 7PM. … # RT @ shannoneyedoc : Looking forward to the Crozet Business Networking Meeting today at 11:30 AM [I’m missing it again] # @ Ebvalentine I don’t know about them being on their last legs, but a commenter succinctly stated the situation – in reply to Ebvalentine # RT @ cvilletomorrow : Supervisor Rooker encourages Crozet Library to move forward in favorable bid market if we can (cont) # RT @ cvilletomorrow : Sup Mallek reviewing implications on Albemarle’s capital budget if Crozet Library is funded in part by fed earmark # On the way back from the gym tonight there were lots of deer on 240. … # RT @ GoodwinCreek : If you are in Crozet stop by Fardowners and order a burger. … # Riding my bike to show two houses yesterday in Crozet – # Powered by Twitter Tools

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-02-21

# RT @ SMCCville : RT @ toddwickersty2010No snow forecast for Weds, so no excuse to miss # smccville @ GetOpenSpace 5:30pm # RT @ iamhuntersmith : @ realcrozetva 250 is mushy and moving slowly. 64 west from 250 to downtown Cville was moving about 40 mph. … # WAHS is dismissing kids who can drive at 3; hoping to have buses leave at 3:15. # crozet # Buses are loaded at Crozet Elementary & kids will be leaving soon. … # @ Vanessa213 Previous tweet via @ julenesque in reply to vanessa213 # @ Vanessa213 Army helicopters have been circling over that area and along 250 for years; usually training new pilots & practicing manouvers in reply to vanessa213 # My post for tomorrow morning turned out much longer than anticipated. … about Albemarle County schools’ budget # RT @ Vanessa213 : Army helicopter circling over Old Trail in Crozet….anyone know what’s going on?

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-20

# Little video of snow from my back porch @ CBS19Weather # RT @ancym: Mint Springs, between the lakes? … But people are still freaking out # RT @blakgsus1: Blak Gsus has a show coming up on 12/18/2009 at 10:00 PM @ Fardowners in Crozet, VA # Take 64 into Cville this morning # Rackspace versus Bluehost? … # *Very* low helicopter over Crozet right now # Testing. # Foodie revisits Daluca’s – 2nd time wasn’t a charm – # crozet # @ OldTrail Face Value is much more than “barbershop”-nearly $20 for haircut=more “salon” than “barber” # nothattheresany thingwrongwiththat # Walk to School day at Crozet Elementary is this Friday, 18 December. … Darn clients needing me. 🙂 in reply to CrozetGazette # RT @brbs: RT @CrozetGazette: The new office and school supply store near Crozet Great Valu is open.

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-13

Because they’re wonderful and help transparency in Virginia & C’ville politics # @ rprav8r I am 99% sure the original plan was to have the Old Trail pool open to all of Crozet. in reply to rprav8r # The world is flat from a communication point of view. … # Find Christmas trees in Crozet – Thanks to one of my readers # Pleased that the Deputy was in the intersection at WAHS this morning. … Consensus to do next one at start or end of the day for those not fortunate to live & work in Crozet # tells me I should buy a Droid. # @@ stevebragaw In this case, wouldn’t it be a benefit for Old Trail homeowners to let their kids walk/ride bikes to school? … Back to Seesmic # @ stevebragaw Fardowners does have WiFi. in reply to stevebragaw # Crozet Tweetup – Thursday at Fardowners. # crozettweetup # Someone *did* move to Crozet because of the Library. # RT @ancym: Darrell Rose at Crozet Mudhouse next Sat the 12th, from 6 to 9 – @ jimduncan this is for you…