Bike Month 2011 – How Is Crozet Going to Participate?

It’s Bike Month ; the folks at Bike Charlottesville have coordinated an outstanding set of events which I encourage you to participate in any way that you can. … I tried to revitalize the Walk To School program at Crozet Elementary, but ran into so many bureaucratic and “worried about liability” impediments that I conceded to those concerns. … Rather than try to work within the defined systems, I’ll simply keep riding my bike with my daughter to school, wear my helmet inside the school to encourage conversations with kids who will hopefully pester their parents and continue trying to both set and example and “walk the walk”, if you will. … Please take the time to read Seth Godin’s “Times a Million” post from 2007; it made a real impact on how I think and the decisions I make.

First Annual Crozet Trails Day Celebration

From the Crozet Trails Crew :

First Annual CROZET TRAILS DAY Celebration Sponsored by the Crozet Trails Crew and assorted Crozet merchants Saturday October 16, 2-7pm at the Old Trail Village Center, near Trailside Coffee The Crozet Trails Crew, a local volunteer organization, invites you out to join your friends and neighbors for an afternoon of fall fun.

Crozet’s crowded buses

Sanitized for the author’s protection:A letter to the Albemarle County school transportation division:I am writing now to inquire if there are any plans to add an additional bus for service in this area.  My daughters advise that the bus is crowded, and they frequently must sit 3 students to a seat, which is uncomfortable (for adolescents) and possibly unsafe.  As you know, the area around Crozet Park is part of the Crozet Master Plan and has seen an increase in development/residents.  Currently under construction is the “Westhall” subdivision at the end of Park Street….  (The bus driver) does an excellent job as the driver, but I believe it is time to study whether an additional bus is warranted to alleviate the crowding….  One suggestion would be to have one bus for high school, one for middle school.  Or, in the alternative, divide the area of the route into two sections.And the response:Thank you for your concern with the overcrowding on bus 91/208.  We will take a hard look at the routes in the Crozet area this summer.This needs to be addressed one way or another.