Appalachian Trail Angels Around Crozet?

I received this email a few weeks ago and thought it an interesting part of Crozet I’d never really thought about. I know we have remarkable access to hiking, and I know of AT through-hikers, but this email struck me.

“I am planning my AT-thru-hike for next year, probably starting in early May. … I will probably fly to Atanta first and then take an AMTRAK train to Charlottesville.

It seems pretty difficult to get from Charlottesville to Rockfish Gap, though. On the website of JAUNT I could see there is a regular shuttle between Charlottesville and Crozet, which would be helpful as it brings me closer to Rockfish Gap. Do you have any information how I could get form Crozet to Afton or even Roskfish Gap? Are there people in Crozet offering rides to that area?

I offered to give this person a ride, but was wondering … are there others in Crozet who offer this sort of assistance? Is there a site for connecting AT Angels to hikers?

I just received the confirmation from JAUNT that the first bus that leaves Charlottesville in the morning should arrive in Crozet no later than 10 am. Since they can drop you off where ever you need to, I guess I could get directly to any meeting point in Crozet indicated by you.

I think this will be fun.

Update 14 January … I received this email:

“It is written in my calendar: on April 6, I was going to contact you anyway to ask about the ride, or better said, to inform you about my current situation. I may take on a new job. In this case I sadly would have to postpone the hike for two or three years. It is not decided yet.
I let you know.
Whatever will happen, it feels good to see the helpfulness of so many American people. Thanks!”