Crozet Park and Comcast Cares Day – 26 April 2014

Please join us Saturday, April 26th from 8AM – 5PM for Comcast Cares Day. Join Comcast employees, their families, and Crozet community volunteers as they work on various improvement and beautification projects throughout the Claudius Crozet Park. We will be painting, weeding, mulching, clearing brush, and replacing and fixing Park fencing.

Lunch is provided !

To register for Comcast Cares Day, please follow this link:


Please note you will need to sign-in using your existing Google or Facebook account.


A comprehensive listing of projects we’ll be tackling on the 26th is available by going to the Crozet Park website at:


Hope to see you at the Park !


Blockbuster Movies in Crozet

Well, only a kiosk.

A Blockbuster kiosk in Crozet

Blockbuster shut down their stores in CharlottesvilleRedbox is in the Harris Teeter … (even though Hollywood is working against Redbox) I can’t see myself paying (I didn’t before) $4 for a Comcast On-Demand movie now.

Thank you to the reader for pointing this out to me. If you ever have a tip or story idea, please let me know!

Update 31 January 2010:

Just a little bit more on Blockbuster’s kiosks, courtesy of Read Write Web: Blockbuster Kiosks: Still a Bad Idea

Comcast, Embarq or Verizon?

From a reader seeking refuge from Comcast’s recent price updates:

I called Verizon and I called Embarq. The Embarq rep I spoke to said they offered phone service but not DSL. Verizon said they did not even have the 22932 zip code in their database so no phone service or DSL.

Im relatively sure that when Embarq was Sprint they offered DSL, but maybe when they spun off local service into Embarq they did away with DSL. Im going to contact their business rep. Sometimes the business side is a bit more efficient.

We mostly left Comcast because of the latest rate increase. I believe we are paying $137 with comcast for a basic cable package with HD channels and movie channels plus high speed internet access. The HD routinely messes up during high peak hours

Direct TV is offering a package for $43/month for the first year and then $59.99/mo for the following year. Thats not counting the $80 off the first bill.

If we cant get DSL then we will just stay with comcast internet. They do offer it as a stand alone service.

How odd – Embarq’s website says they offer DSL, and my neighbor has had Embarq for years. But I certainly empathize with him regarding Comcast’s rate increases – they seem to increase every year at rates far in excess of inflation.