Harmony Place Workday – Crozet Cares Event

Harmony Place Workday

Saturday, April 5, 2014     8:00 till noon

Since the first workday in March, here’s what has been done:

  • Garden Path dug and partially filled with honey sand
  • Meditation Space, Horseshoe Pit,  and Fire Pit  dug
  • Messy brush, garden space and shed — gone

Can you help Saturday morning?  Lots of jobs, big and small.  Tabor’s outdoor space will be like no other recreational space in Crozet.

Inequality For All Movie Event and Discussion

Inequality For All Movie & Discussion

Facilitator Rev. Liz Hulme Adam

RSVP at 434-882-2518 or [email protected]

Inequality for All is a 2013 documentary ?lm
which examines the widening income inequality
in the USA. The ?lm is presented by American
economist, author and professor Robert Reich.

Reich distills the story through the lens of
widening income inequality—currently at historic
highs—and explores what effects this increasing
gap has not only on the U.S. economy but
American democracy itself. At the heart of the
?lm is a simple proposition: What is a good
society and what role does the widening income
gap play in the deterioration of the nation’s
economic health?

– Wikipedia