Full Size Tennis Courts coming to Crozet Park

via press release:


QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia, Inc. (QCV) is pleased to report it recently received three grants totaling $13,000 for Phase Two of Bring Tennis Back to the Park! – the construction of two full-size tennis courts at Claudius Crozet Park. Bama Works Fund of the Dave Matthews Band, the Community Endowment of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation and the Ix Foundation stepped up to support tennis in western Albemarle County. Two full-size courts will complement the three 36-foot QuickStart tennis courts for kids ages eight and under that were completed in June and provide a place for kids ages nine and over (as well as adults) to play at the Park. These facilities will complete the tennis pathway in Crozet.

Lynda Harrill, QuickStart Tennis Coordinator, says, “With these three generous grants, we are getting very close to our goal. So far we’ve received funds or have commitments totaling $80,000 towards the $108,000 construction cost. We hope to have all funding in place soon so we can begin construction in the spring and have programming in place for the summer season. Raising funds for tennis courts in the current economic environment has been challenging. Basic needs must always come first, but we can’t forget that kids need to be active and have FUN in any environment. That’s how they learn and thrive. And a FUN physical activity like QuickStart tennis is a great way to teach kids to keep fit and be active for a lifetime.”

Until they get their site set up, you can donate by sending checks to QCV, PO Box 422, Ivy, VA.

Now … about more fields for soccer and lacrosse …

I think it’s interesting that no public notices signs were posted, as is seemingly the custom when changes are underway. I’m not opposed to tennis courts, just curious.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree at Crozet Park

Take your tree to Crozet Park so that Albemarle County can convert them into mulch.

As in the past, the Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Department will host its annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program beginning December 26, 2012 through January 16, 2013. The Christmas Tree Recycling Program collects discarded Christmas trees which are chipped into mulch and then offered to the public at no cost.  This program has been in operation since 1988 and recycles over 2400 trees each year, which in turn yields over 114 cubic yards of mulch. Not only does this recycling program provide citizens a place to dispose of a potentially large and cumbersome item, it also reduces the impact on our landfill. 

Don’t forget to undecorated your tree first.

Crozet Dome Noise

If you’re curious to know what the Crozet Pool dome’s fan sounds like, this is a recording from the window of one of its neighbors ….Crozet Pool Dome Noise at the window, 5 minutes

On a different note, a friend asked if they could paint clouds on the dome so it’s not merely a big blue blob. 🙂

Update: from the neighbor who recorded the audio:

“Please add a note that the volume changes depending on the time of day and the temperature.  Another neighbor’s biggest concern is, since it plays so quietly on some machines, that people will think it’s no louder than a house fan.  If she can hear it in her house, over 200 feet away, inside, with the windows closed, it’s no house fan.”

Questions about the Crozet Pool Dome Sounds

From a conversation on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page

I am really happy that I live near the Crozet pool dome. However, if I lived next to the dome, I would likely be unable to sleep with my windows open due to the noise.

I can see the argument being made that the noise interferes with nearby homeowners’ ability to quietly enjoy their homes.

On the day of the dome’s installation late last month, I didn’t notice the sound, but this morning when riding to and back home from Crozet Elementary, the sound was startling. I would have recorded the sound, but a train was going by. 🙂

One of the differences apparently is that the noise of the fans or generator (or both) is never-ending.

One anticipates baseball games, soccer matches, swimming meets, the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival (which is the weekend of 13/14 October) … But this is something that was not anticipated nor could it have been anticipated by neighbors.

Good neighbors work together on this such of thing, so I don’t have any question that the sound can be addressed, it’s just a matter of how and when.

*Disclosure: I’ll be getting a membership there soon …

Want to Help Put up the Crozet Pool Dome?

via email –

The Crozet PARC YMCA pool dome is on it’s way and we need your help!

We are looking for 15-18 volunteers on Tuesday, September 25 from 10 AM-4 PM to help put up the dome. If available, please e-mail Cameron Burr, Aquatics Director at [email protected] . We do need people to commit to the entire time frame and be able to lift and move!

Not able to commit to the whole day, but still want to be involved? Drop by the PARC between 10 AM and 4 PM and show your support!

We look forward to YEAR-ROUND SWIMMING!!!

Crozet PARC YMCA         434.205.4380       www.piedmontymca.org

The Quick Start Tennis Fence is Up

Mark your calendars for the ribbon cutting ceremony on 30 June at 6pm. Very, very smart of them to schedule this event for a time when people can actually attend, rather than having it in the middle of the day … when most people are, you know, working.

Quick Start Tennis in Crozet, Virginia