Crozet Park’s Pool Opens this Weekend (2012 edition)

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Last chance to save on Crozet Park Aquatics & Recreation Center (PARC) fees!  Register by Monday, May 28 and pay no joining fees to the PARC facility, which includes full access to the pool, full access to the fitness center, group exercise classes, and member discounts on all programs!   (Savings on Joining Fees:  $75 for Adult; $100 for Family).
Last chance to save on pool only fees!  Register by Monday, May 28 and pay discounted rates. 
See website for more information on membership rates
POOL OPENS SATURDAY, MAY 26!  For Memorial Day weekend, we will be open as follows:
Saturday, May 26:  10 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, May 27:  12 PM – 8 PM
Monday, May 28:  10 AM – 8 PM
See website for information on hours of operation.
Check out all of our aquatics programming.  Additional information added daily!
Check out our fitness center programming.  New information added daily!
Join us for summer day camp.  Spaces are limited!
For those that have already joined, you can pick up your membership key tags starting Saturday, May 26!  We’ll see you soon!
Please contact Jessica Maslaney, Site Director, with any questions:  [email protected] 
Thanks for your time!
Jessica P. Maslaney
Site Director, Crozet PARC
1075 Claudius Crozet Park
Crozet, VA  22932

Quick Start Tennis breaks ground in Crozet Park

Goodbye greenspace and rarely-if-ever-used horseshoe pits. Hello Quick Start Tennis in Crozet Park.

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Charlottesville, Virginia (5/1/2012) – QuickStart Tennis of Central Virginia (QCV) is pleased to announce construction has started on three 36-foot QuickStart Tennis courts at Claudius Crozet Park in Crozet, Virginia as part of QCV’s Bring Tennis Back to the Park! collaboration with the Park Board.

YMCA Survey About Crozet Park

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Exciting things are happening in Crozet Park!
Construction started February 6 on the Crozet Park Aquatic & Recreation Center.  By May, the Crozet Community will have the first public, year-round aquatic and recreation center in Albemarle County!
The Piedmont Family YMCA will operate and program the Crozet PARC on a year-round basis will a full range of aquatic and fitness programs!
The YMCA is asking for your help in completing a community survey to evaluate the needs of the Crozet community.  Your answers will help with addressing operating as well as programmatic needs.  Click here to take the survey.
If you would like to sign up for the Crozet PARC/YMCA List Serv, we will keep you in tune with what is happening in the park and send you membership and program information.  Click on the link to sign up for the Crozet PARC List Serv.

Please do mark your calendar and plan to join us on Saturday, May 5 from 2:00-5:00 PM at Crozet Park for an Open House and YMCA Kids Day Event!
We look forward to seeing you at the PARC within the Park sometime soon!

The PARC is Moving Forward

Congratulations to those who have worked so hard, tirelessly and persistently for so long.

From Charlottesville Tomorrow

An effort to upgrade the pool at Claudius Crozet Park to a year-round facility took a major step forward Wednesday after the Albemarle Board of Supervisors voted to reallocate $200,000 in capital funding towards improvements at the park.

Update on the Crozet PARC

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Final Plans for PARC Project Near

With the help of community professionals volunteering their time and expertise, Crozet Park has been able to turn a multi-year, multi-phase 1.2 million dollar facility into a two year, $600,000 project yielding us an indoor aquatics and recreation center by September of 2012. To date, community professional have come together to donate their time and services in preparation of the facility. Phil Kirby, Crozet resident and senior executive of Barton Malow has been instrumental in allowing the recreation facility to become a reality, donating all services, including general contracting and guaranteeing the project for $600,000 dollars.  Kirby is ready to start construction later this month pending the remaining $200,000 being secured through funding from the Albemarle County Parks and Recreation Department.

Thanks to the community and donors, the Crozet Park has recently raised the $400,000 needed to put a dome over the Crozet pool and provide year round aquatics. If all goes as planned, at the January 11, 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting, an additional $200,000 will be received from the County for the needed renovations to the community building.  This is funding that was initially allocated to the Park in 2008 to put in tennis courts, basketball courts and trails.  With the early fundraising successes of the PARC project, Park Board members met with County staff in late 2010 and determined that the money might be better spent completing the PARC recreation building.  If the recreation phase were completed concurrently, there would be an enormous savings in construction and the PARC would be able to provide numerous recreational and fitness opportunities. This would also create a center that would become a hub for programming tennis and basketball.  

Meetings with County staff proved positive regarding this transfer in funds, and in the past year PARC committee members have been working with Bob Crickenberger of Albemarle County Parks and Recreation toward a successful transfer of these funds to the PARC project.  However, tennis, basketball and trails still need to be given a place in the park and the Crozet Park Board will be responsible for replacing the funding for these facilities in a fashion that meets County requirements. With the help of our district supervisor, Ann Malleck, the Park Board has been working actively to come to an agreement that both satisfies the County requirements and makes it possible for the Park to fundraise for these facilities.  

In response to this opportunity, and in a matter of months, $68,000 has been raised for tennis, thanks to the efforts of Lynda Harrill, the Quickstart Tennis coordinator.  This spring, the goal is to start with 3 Quickstart Tennis courts and continue fundraising to complete 2 additional adult courts that easily double as Quickstart courts as needed.  Through a joint venture agreement, the PARC will be operated by the Piedmont YMCA who will also provide programming opportunities for these amenities as they are built.

Crozet Community Meets Match Challenge for the Crozet PARC

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“Community Meets Match Challenge Again!

In less than a month, the community has once again rallied together and met a match challenge in support of the Crozet PARC (Park Aquatics and Recreation Center).  After learning of a Park shortfall in funds due to the Crozet pool re-plastering this past spring, a donor came forth with a $10,000 gift and $10,000 match if the PARC were able to raise $20,000 by year’s end.   This match was presented to the community and in less than two weeks, gifts large and small came pouring in, exceeding the match challenge!  Heidi Sonen, Crozet Park Board member said, “The community has spoken not once, but twice to its commitment to see this facility succeed.”  The first community challenge of $200,000 was met in September of 2011. Final plans for this project are progressing with an anticipated construction start date of mid January 2012.  Look for updates in the next two weeks on the PARC website.

Crozet PARC will be the first aquatics and recreation center open to the public in Albemarle County.”

Now … let’s get cracking on that Library …

News About the PARC

From the Crozet listserv:

We have exciting news to share regarding the Crozet PARC (Park Aquatics and Recreation Center).

We are in the FINAL stages of approval and fundraising and if all goes as planned we will start construction in early February with a completion date of May, 2012!  Our Architectural and Building Committee has been working diligently and are “ready to build”.  The PARC has raised the community match thanks to all our community friends.

The Park Board made a major improvement by re-plastering the pool last spring, and we need to rebuild that account, so the Park match of $200,000 is solid. In mid December we were given another $10,000 gift with another $10,000 match IF we can raise the remaining 20,000 shortfall by the end of the year.

We have recieved $11,000 in pledges and donations in the last few days, so we are now only $9,000 shy.   Right before Christmas, we received a $10,000 pledge, which will be received if we raise this last $9000 before the end of the year.
That ‘s right, we’ll receive the $10,000 match grant, giving us a total of $40,000 raised in December and covering the shortfall due to the re-plastering of the pool.

If you are considering any end of the year giving opportunities please consider the Park… it adds up fast and will give us the security we need to make this project successful along with a $10,000 match gift.  All donations and pledges (yes, pledges will count toward making our match gift so you can pledge now and pay later; but  we need to receive something in writing or a donation dated for this year)  can be sent to:

Crozet PARC
PO Box 171
Crozet, VA 22932

Again thank you for all your support in making this project a reality.  Crozet Park will have the first year round aquatics and recreation facility open to the public in the County thanks to the Crozet community and its passion to see things happen!   Look for more information in the weeks to come.  If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia at [email protected]