Water and Power in Crozet – Unconfirmed Updates

Two unconfirmed rumors … take them for what they are ….

via Facebook:

Just off the phone with ACSA, no boil required, AND….the road to the station has finally been cleared and they are moving trucks loaded with diesel to refuel their generators. Translation….the conserve notice is going to be lifted shortly.

Update 1:02pm 2 July – @CBS19: ACSA is removing the request for Crozet residents to limit their water usage–power and fuel issues have been resolved.

And via email in response to an email to a friend in which I asked “Does Western Ridge have power?”:

Kind of. The back half of the neighborhood does, but not the front half, so we’re still out. This is hearsay, but one of our neighbors told me that her friend stopped to talk to a Dominion guy working outside yesterday. He told her that there was a huge tree that went down near King Family, which caused extensive damage – they’re having to replace not only multiple power lines, but several telephone/electric poles as well. Supposedly he said that if the repair went smoothly, we’d be back up sometime between today and Wednesday; if they run into problems, it could be as late as Saturday.

I’m not sure how the connections are mapped, but you can kind of see a straight-ish line of outage going from the King Family area, through part of Old Trail, Crozet Ave @ Mudhouse & JABA building, down 240 to Western Ridge, etc… so if what I heard is true, I guess we must all somehow be tied back to that issue @ KFV.

I do see several Crozet locations listed on Dominion’s work schedule for today, but I’m keeping my expectations low.

Via Facebook:

New work locations for today say Crozet Ave…good sign hopefully

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