How Often Does the Train Run in Crozet?

“How often does the train run in Crozet?” is one of the most common questions I hear from buyers who are contemplating moving to Crozet.

When I am working with buyers who are moving to Crozet, my answer is, “the train goes by often enough that we don’t really pay attention to it.” When we moved here several years ago, it probably took us a week or two to get used to the train.

I asked CSX several years ago if they could tell me how often they run, and they told me that they wouldn’t tell me because of security concerns (I’m not a terrorist, by the way).

So, I ask you, RealCrozetVA readers – how often does the train run in Crozet? (feel free to identify the different lines, too)

So … Crozet’s Square Has been Fenced Off


A fence? So soon?

Update: The Crozet Gazette and the Daily Progress provide well-researched stories this morning.

If anyone would be willing to share a copy of the proposed contract, please email me.

Can’t we all get along?

Now what?

To Crozetians: let’s be nice, respectful and considerate of each other as we fight & jockey for the few spaces. I saw an elderly woman trying to get to Parkway Pharmacy today and she had to park much further from the pharmacy than she wanted. Me? I’ll ride my bike whenever possible.

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