Clearing for Haden Place

A recent comment on the RealCrozetVA facebook page spurred a quick drive to Haden Place … a neighborhood I’ve been expecting for a few years to come to fruition … its proximity to downtown Crozet and Old Trail and location within the designated growth area, + the possible impending recovery of the real estate market seems to make this neighborhood a no-brainer.

Road discussions should include what is being done to Haden Lane and Kill Deer Rd between OT and Jarman’s Gap. Now that Jarman’s Gap is updated, Haden and Kill Deer are next. Have you seen the huge fire? ALL THE TREES between these roads have been razed…what’s going on?

Another concern is the lack of attention to the sight-line/safety issue on Haden Lane…If this is made a through road to OT from Jarman’s Gap you can’t see what is coming up or down the hill.

So I went and took a look.

And a few minutes at Albemarle County’s excellent County View yields quite a bit of information – this development has been planned since at least 2007:

Permit Reviews of Haden Place
Permit Reviews of Haden Place

I’ll have more on this neighborhood, builder, etc. soon.