Celebration of the Completion of the Crozet Streetscape Project

You’re Invited!

Albemarle County cordially invites you to join County Supervisor Ann Mallek and County Executive Tom Foley along with project team members in celebrating the completion of the Crozet Streetscape Project.

Now that the Crozet Streetscape project is completed, residents and visitors will enjoy the visually enhanced entryway and main thoroughfare, as well as improved pedestrian connectivity within downtown Crozet. Business owners will enjoy increased vitality, as people can easily walk between shops. The streetscape balances the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

Please come help us celebrate this exciting achievement!
Thursday, November 20, 2014

12:00 pm

Gather at the Mudhouse
5793 The Square, Crozet

12:00 – Gather at Mudhouse
12:15 – Walking tour
12:30 – Program commences in  front of new Crozet Library

Hope we’ll see you there!

Streetscape Update – 4 October 2014

via email: (Personally, I’d be Ok with no striping – it’s cleaner 🙂 )

The following progress was made this week:

  • Pavers for approximately 3-1/2 of the 12 total crosswalks (!) (italics & ! added by me – jd)  were installed.
  • Several crosswalk base slabs were poured too high. The contractor demolished and replaced a portion of these at two locations and will complete the rest of the repairs next week at no  additional cost to the County. (bolding mine – jd)
  • All street trees were installed and one species of shrub was installed throughout.
  • Approximately half of the curb plates were installed.

The following items are scheduled through the end of the project:

  • Crosswalk paver installation will continue next week and take another week to 2 weeks to complete.
  • Landscaping will continue and be completed next week.
  • Final striping is expected to occur in the next week.
  • Remaining railings are expected to be installed next week.
  • Final signage is expected to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Substantial completion is officially November 18th but is expected to occur during the month of October.


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Get Your Crozet Streetscape News!

If you read the recap from last week’s Crozet Streetscape post, you know that Crozet is in for a bit of construction starting in a couple weeks. I’m going to do everything I can to let y’all know of happenings through the blog, Facebook page and Twitter stream (I much prefer Twitter over Facebook), and much of those updates will likely come from the County.

I’ve also set up a Streetscape blog category for aggregation of all stuff streetscape-related.

Albemarle County have set up a page for Crozet Streetscape updates.

The County has launched a website for the Crozet Streetscape project at www.albemarle.org/CrozetStreetscape where we will be posting important information regarding the status and progress of the project. We have posted information from the December 3, 2013, community meeting including the presentation, construction phasing and a summary of questions/answers and comments from the meeting. We encourage you to bookmark this website and visit it regularly once construction begins in early January.

Also, please note the following opportunities to stay informed about the project:

• There will be a groundbreaking ceremony in January, 2014 – details will be shared as they become available.
• The project website, www.albemarle.org/CrozetStreetscape, will be updated every two weeks, or more frequently as needed depending on project activity.
• The Crozet Amail enews list will receive an update every two weeks, or more frequently as needed depending on project activity – sign up for that eNews list is available at http://www.albemarle.org/AMail
• Social media opportunities will be available on Facebook and Twitter once the project begins.
• Members of the project team are available to speak at community meetings and will hold onsite project update drop in hours on a regular basis.