Crozet Schools Growing. Unexpectedly?!

Now … how are we going to pay for it?

Aaron Richardson at the DP reports:

According to the report, Meriwether Lewis Elementary, Crozet Elementary, Monticello High School andWestern Albemarle High School all will need expansions in the next five years. The cost of renovations to Western Albemarle, which the committee recommended accelerating by three years, could run as high as$15 million.

“We do see accelerated population growth in the western feeder pattern,” he said. “We are now expecting [Western Albemarle High School] to go beyond its capacities earlier than expected.”

I’m baffled how anyone who’s been here for more than five years can be surprised by the fact that Crozet is growing fast. Crozet’s population in 2000 was 2,820 and the population in 2010 was 5,565.

I wrote more about this at my real estate blog, looking at this “surprise” from the APF angle.

WAHS Student Breathalyzed?

From The HooK:

An allegation of drinking some spiked lemonade at Western Albemarle High School led to a 10th grade girl getting pulled out of class and forced to take an on-campus, police-administered breathalyzer test. With the test allegedly finding no trace of alcohol, a Charlottesville-based civil rights organization contends that the school trampled the student’s Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches.

“That’s not a good idea if you want to protect freedom,” says John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute. “It’s a good idea if you want a police state.”

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-01-17

I was away this week, so the updates are a bit bare … two very pertinent stories are coming up that Crozet residents need to be aware of. Looking at the few tweets from this week, the first one stands out.

  • Astonished that my kid’s high school history teacher barely discussed Haiti in the “current events” segment of class on Thursday #schoolfail #
  • Dalucas looks pretty busy tonight. We’re having “daddy-daughter night” at Anna’s Pizza. #
  • RT @gingergermani: @realcrozetva You would have to be in NYC the day I needed to know not to take the interstate. [I am so sorry! :)] #
  • RT @thechrisbell: Playing a show in Crozet, VA at 8:30 PM today at Fardowners #
  • Crozet is getting a new bookstore – it’s going to be here – #
  • RT @nyrbclassics: Don’t know exactly where Crozet, Virginia is, but there’s a new indie bookstore opening there this spring @OvertheMoonBook #
  • Curious – how many people under 40 were at Steve Landes’ town hall in Crozet yesterday? #

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Support the WAHS Library – Buy books at Barnes and Noble

As much as I prefer to shop at local bookstores rather than chains, in light of the recession and the need for schools to earn money, the following presents an opportunity to support the Western Albemarle High School Library:*

A book is a present you can open again and again!

If you plan to give books as gifts this holiday season, please plan to buy them all at Barnes & Noble during the WAHS Library Book Fair, Saturday, Dec. 12 through Monday, Dec. 14.

On those dates a percentage of all B&N purchases made with a WAHS voucher—including café and gift purchases—will be donated to the Western Albemarle High School Library Media Center! The voucher is available on the WAHS website and here— please give one to everyone you know!

This year’s Book Fair Events include:

– Sat. a.m. (time TBA) – Harp & Flute Music with Darailia Evans + Grace Chiarella

– Sat. 12/12 @ 1:00 – A Jazzy Holiday with Spencer Kulow on keyboard

– Sat. 12/12 @ 3:00 – Morgan High singing with guitar

– Sun. 12/13 @ 5:00 – Willie D-E singing original songs with guitar

Far away friends and relatives can even support your child’s school library by taking the WAHS Book Fair ID number 583088 to any Barnes & Noble in the U.S. and making purchases on behalf of the WAHS Library from a distance! There will be a Wish List Table of books we would love to have donated to the WAHS Library Media Center. With the current budget climate, we need your support more than ever! So don’t forget to save all your holiday book shopping for the WAHS Library Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Dec. 12 – 14. Thanks so much for your support!

In response to my question about what percentage of the proceeds actually go to Western, Clover Carroll, the school librarian kindly responded:

“The more that is sold with WAHS vouchers on those dates (Dec. 12-14), the larger percentage we earn. We usually make the cutoff for 20%, but not always. One of the reasons we have added the cheesecake sale this year is to bump up that bottom line figure. The important thing to emphasize is that only purchases made with a WAHS voucher count.

The voucher is also available on the WAHS website, and in the front office and library here at school. If supporters forget to bring their voucher, they can ask for one at the B&N register or just give them the WAHS bookfair ID #583088. In fact, relatives and friends all over the U.S. can shop that weekend at their local Barnes & Nobles, and if they provide our ID #, we will be credited!

Download the flyer here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Clover Carroll – 434-823-8700 or Jane Kulow – 434-293-9940.

* One question that I always ask when donating to charities is, “what percentage of the proceeds actually go to the charity?” They requested that I not publicize those numbers here, but if you’re curious, please contact me and I will gladly tell you.