How Often Do Homes Turnover in Crozet?

I got an interesting question the other day – –

How often do homes like this turn over/sell in Crozet? “This” being about 2000 square feet, at least three bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

Looking at the question through the lens of its expected/possible value:

Looking at it by square footage …

Basically, if you sold your house last year in Crozet* and it fit one of these two criteria, you were pretty lucky.
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News From Henley Middle School – 15 December 2009

You might not have kids in schools, but Crozet schools affect all of us.

From the Henley Matters newsletter:


For the past three years, high schools in Albemarle County have held first semester exams prior to Winter Break on a modified half-day schedule which included two exams per day. Last year, the program was expanded to middle schools. Many middle school students take high school level classes, and all students begin taking semester exams in their eighth grade year, so the change will align these students with their high school counterparts.

Having both middle and high school students follow the same schedule will save about $10,000 in operational efficiency for the county. The regular middle and high school bus routes will run at 1:00 p.m., and drivers will then return for elementary school routes at 2:20 p.m. Since most middle and high school students ride the same buses, not combining their schedules would have required a third bus run each day to bring middle school students home at 4:00 p.m.


This will likely be the most challenging budget cycle experienced by Albemarle County Schools in its history. State revenues may decline by as much as 15% for 2010-11 due to changes in Albemarle County’s composite index and overall state budget reductions. We will have a better idea how much when the Governor presents his budget on 12/18. Local revenues continue to slide as housing values slump and sales tax revenue falls. The projected revenue shortfall for the 2010-11 school year is between $8 and $11 million, depending on the tax rate agreed to by the newly elected Board of Supervisors.

Even an equalized tax rate of 77.2 cents will not eliminate the need for major reductions. The anticipated revenue shortfall with the higher rate is $8 million, due to declining state and local revenues. It is not possible to make reductions of this magnitude (4-5 times as many as were made this current fiscal year) in department or operational budgets/staffing. All positions and programs will be affected.

The board is pursuing a budget amendment at the state level to recalculate the county’s ability to pay for education based on the actual revenues on hand after the $18 million in revenue sharing is given to the city of Charlottesville. The current ratio overstates the county’s ability to pay and understates the city’s ability to pay. There is no guarantee that this budget amendment will pass in the General Assembly; in fact, it will face stiff opposition. The change would result in approximately $2 to $2.5 million in additional state funding to Albemarle County. Dr. Moran will present her funding request to the School Board on Wednesday, January 20.

Daily Progress: link to December 11th article on the School Board vote, Albemarle wants funds from city for schools:

Governor Kaine’s budget is expected to be released this Friday, December 18th. “Thanks to a slumping economy, Kaine has to find $3.5 billion in cuts in the state budget. He is scheduled to propose his fiscal plan next Friday at a joint meeting of the legislature’s money committees. Kaine has said that in balancing the budget, “everything’s on the table.””

Finally, the updated budget calendar for Albemarle County Public Schools is (after the jump); the date of the School Board public hearing has been changed to Tuesday, February 2nd.

The ACPS School Board has revised its budget development calendar. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors public hearing dates have not changed.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend and speak in support of our schools.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 6:30 pm, Location TBD
ACPS School Board Public Hearing: Proposed budget, FY 2010/11

Wednesday, March 3, 2010, time TBA, Lane Auditorium, ACOB
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing: The County Executive’s recommended budget, Fiscal Year 2010/11

Wednesday, March 31, 2010, time TBA, Lane Auditorium, ACOB
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing: The BOS’s proposed budget, FY 2010/11 2010 calendar year tax rate

Wednesday, April 7, 2010, time TBA, Lane Auditorium, ACOB
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing: The BOS sets the 2010 calendar year tax rate. The BOS adopts its FY 2010/2011budget (during ACPS Spring Break)

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Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-13

Crozet week in review via RealCrozetVA’s Twitter feed

  • Donated $25 to VPAP today. Because they’re wonderful and help transparency in Virginia & C’ville politics #
  • @rprav8r I am 99% sure the original plan was to have the Old Trail pool open to all of Crozet. in reply to rprav8r #
  • The world is flat from a communication point of view. Time zones are such a bother. #
  • Find Christmas trees in Crozet – Thanks to one of my readers #
  • Pleased that the Deputy was in the intersection at WAHS this morning. Thank you #
  • Topic of discussion at Crozet Tweetup today: Old Trail pool is planning to open to the public. Much consternation. #
  • RT @CVilleKim: Fun Crozet Tweetup today.Consensus to do next one at start or end of the day for those not fortunate to live & work in Crozet #
  • tells me I should buy a Droid. #
  • @@stevebragaw In this case, wouldn’t it be a benefit for Old Trail homeowners to let their kids walk/ride bikes to school? Thus, not BoS? #
  • Topic of discussion at Crozet Tweetup today: why does Old Trail not have paths/trails leading to Henley & Brownsville? #
  • RT @MaryBethBowen: RT @ABrement: Looking forward to Crozet Tweetup Lunch today! 12:00. Fardowner’s. (me too!) #
  • Once again, traffic at the Old Trail/Henley intersection is a SNAFU #
  • Impressed that my little one is excited to walk to school today. #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Wreck at 240/250 intersection. Traffic blocked. #crozet #
  • RT @twtvite_alert: @jimduncan Friendly reminder: Crozet Lunch Tweetup is tomorrow! #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Crozet Mudhouse Curtain #
  • Woman has been ironing the new curtain in the Mudhouse for about 90 minutes. I wonder how often it’ll have to be ironed. 🙂 #
  • Working in the Crozet Mudhouse this morning. Watching a stage & curtains come together #
  • Off to a listing appointment in Crozet. #
  • @centofante Coming to the Crozet Tweetup? in reply to centofante #
  • Only seeing mentions in @Tweetdeck from one of my twitter accounts. Back to Seesmic #
  • @stevebragaw Fardowners does have WiFi. in reply to stevebragaw #
  • Crozet Tweetup – Thursday at Fardowners. #crozettweetup #
  • Someone *did* move to Crozet because of the Library. #
  • RT @ancym: Darrell Rose at Crozet Mudhouse next Sat the 12th, from 6 to 9 – @jimduncan this is for you… #
  • Love the Batesville Store. Love it. And I’m not alone #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: The Crozet Xmas Parade is today at 3 pm. Goes from Crozet Ave at Jarmans Gap to the Firehouse. We’ll be throwing candy! #
  • Picked up my copy of the Crozet Gazette yesterday. I love having a truly local paper #

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Support the WAHS Library – Buy books at Barnes and Noble

As much as I prefer to shop at local bookstores rather than chains, in light of the recession and the need for schools to earn money, the following presents an opportunity to support the Western Albemarle High School Library:*

A book is a present you can open again and again!

If you plan to give books as gifts this holiday season, please plan to buy them all at Barnes & Noble during the WAHS Library Book Fair, Saturday, Dec. 12 through Monday, Dec. 14.

On those dates a percentage of all B&N purchases made with a WAHS voucher—including café and gift purchases—will be donated to the Western Albemarle High School Library Media Center! The voucher is available on the WAHS website and here— please give one to everyone you know!

This year’s Book Fair Events include:

– Sat. a.m. (time TBA) – Harp & Flute Music with Darailia Evans + Grace Chiarella

– Sat. 12/12 @ 1:00 – A Jazzy Holiday with Spencer Kulow on keyboard

– Sat. 12/12 @ 3:00 – Morgan High singing with guitar

– Sun. 12/13 @ 5:00 – Willie D-E singing original songs with guitar

Far away friends and relatives can even support your child’s school library by taking the WAHS Book Fair ID number 583088 to any Barnes & Noble in the U.S. and making purchases on behalf of the WAHS Library from a distance! There will be a Wish List Table of books we would love to have donated to the WAHS Library Media Center. With the current budget climate, we need your support more than ever! So don’t forget to save all your holiday book shopping for the WAHS Library Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Dec. 12 – 14. Thanks so much for your support!

In response to my question about what percentage of the proceeds actually go to Western, Clover Carroll, the school librarian kindly responded:

“The more that is sold with WAHS vouchers on those dates (Dec. 12-14), the larger percentage we earn. We usually make the cutoff for 20%, but not always. One of the reasons we have added the cheesecake sale this year is to bump up that bottom line figure. The important thing to emphasize is that only purchases made with a WAHS voucher count.

The voucher is also available on the WAHS website, and in the front office and library here at school. If supporters forget to bring their voucher, they can ask for one at the B&N register or just give them the WAHS bookfair ID #583088. In fact, relatives and friends all over the U.S. can shop that weekend at their local Barnes & Nobles, and if they provide our ID #, we will be credited!

Download the flyer here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Clover Carroll – 434-823-8700 or Jane Kulow – 434-293-9940.

* One question that I always ask when donating to charities is, “what percentage of the proceeds actually go to the charity?” They requested that I not publicize those numbers here, but if you’re curious, please contact me and I will gladly tell you.

Downtown Crozet Redevelopment Moving Forward

Brandon Shulleeta reports in today’s Daily Progress:

A plan that would refurbish business buildings in the heart of Crozet — connected to or within walking distance of new apartments — might begin within several months, despite major financial stumbles.

And Bill Atwood verbalizes succinctly something I’ve been saying more verbosely for years (bolding mine):

Atwood said that in the retail world, “the longer you can get people to stay, the better the pay. In other words, if you have somebody who’s actually going to stay and eat at dinner and actually walk around, you’ll be viable faster. … Having people live there is the ultimate.”

Atwood said that young residents are “more apt to want to be in town and places where you can socialize, buy a dog and buy a cup of coffee. … I think that the idea of joining a village is going to be as important the next 10 years as joining a country club in the last 10 years.”

This is good news for all of Crozet.