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Crozet Board of Trade Meeting – November 2016

November 21, 2016 @ 19:30 - 21:00

via email:

The CBT will meet Monday evening Nov. 21 at Pro Re Nata Brewery at 7:30. The business meeting will take an hour or so. After that, have a beer and visit.

Our agenda will include Joel DiNunzio, VDOT’s Charlottesville Residency director, who will talk about what VDOT has going in Crozet and what VDOT makes of plans for Barnes Lumber development, Rt. 250 and our general congestion problems. Feel free to raise any road topic pertinent to Crozet.

Second, we will discuss the community survey that will be done this winter. A copy of the 2009 survey is attached for you to look over. A copy of a draft survey developed by the Crozet Downtown Initiative is also attached. We are at the stage where we can propose or alter questions and the CBT is invited to weigh in. Are there questions we would want to add? The county planning staff is also being invited to propose questions.

Third, we are inviting the owners of the new businesses in Piedmont Place to come introduce themselves and meet us. We want them to feel welcome in Crozet and to join our meetings.

Update – Email from CBOT


We will be talking with you all about the process of updating the survey at the CBT meeting this Monday the 21st. We are looking for your input and support with this process and wanted to provide a summary of the first Survey Committee Meeting.

The committee that will undertake a review of the Crozet Master Plan met for the first time Nov. 3 at the firehouse to organize the first step, a new survey of the community to learn what prevailing attitudes are about growth and to identify issues that should be addressed in a review of the plan. The plan was due to be updated last year, but county planners are still involved with plans for other sections of the county and could not fit it into their work schedule. They say 2018 is the earliest they will get to it. This delay is too long given the development decisions that will be made meanwhile.

This planning meeting included Tom Guterbock, who runs U.Va.’s Center for Survey Research, and Shawn Bird (Ph.D.), a professional survey designer/analyst who is the vice president of Halstad Research, a political survey firm which is based in Boulder CO. Both are Crozet residents and have come forward as good citizens to help the survey be the best it can be. Both agreed the 2009 survey is a good document. Both agree that we should make the survey scientifically valid by creating a controlled sample. So there would be 2 groups taking the same survey, one a selected sample and the other the general public. They would be directed to fill it out on different websites so that the scientific one would be separate. Hopefully will see similar results from both groups. The survey form will be published in the Gazette and available at Crozet Library too.

To do a scientific survey we will have to buy address lists of our area and then send mailings until we get 500 participants who will compose the scientific sample. With volunteer labor, we would still need $3,000-$5,000 to cover expenses. I would like the CBT to take this up as a cause and I will be asking for donations at our meeting Nov. 21. With a scientific survey we have unchallengeable results that will be valuable for many purposes. It’s good PR for the CBT to do this as a civic gesture, just like the fireworks fund.

The 2009 survey turned out to have powerful repercussions that helped fortify public support for the Crozet Master Plan. Our plan is basically sound and we don’t expect the revisions to be general, but rather targeted and few. The public meetings over the plan should happen over the winter.

See you on the 21st!


Mike Marshall


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November 21, 2016
19:30 - 21:00
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Pro Re Nata Brewery
6135 Rockfish Gap Tnpk
Crozet, VA 22932 United States
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