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    17 Replies to “Contact Jim Duncan”

    1. Was curious if anyone heard if there’s going to be fireworks this weekend after the Fireman’s parade ?


    2. Hi Jim, I must say I was a little concerned when watching the Crozet parade when the dozen or so kids on their four-wheelers with no helmets went by, popping wheelies and goofing around. Next time lets use our heads and protect them, and set an example for all the other little ones watching. Thanks

    3. I am interested in a part time job at the Mudhouse in Crozet. I live in Laurel Hill, within walking distance. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    4. Open Mic in Crozet?? Yes!!! I will be doing an Open Mic at the Mudhouse everyother Weds of the month starting on June 9th from 6:30- 8pm. So come on out and support this so we can keep it going!! There are a lot of talented musicians in the Crozet area….

    5. Is anyone missing a pigeon? We have a banded pigeon living in our garage, who’s been at our house since Tuesday. We don’t mind caring for him, but he appears to be well cared for, so we’d like to find it’s owner, and return it. Please give me a call at 434-409-2041 if this looks like yours…

    6. Hi Jim,

      Several Days ago you inquired what type of business I thought should be in Crozet. I can share with you that over the last 3 years there have been serious inquiries from such businesses as a small surgical instrument manufacturer (10-12 employees with average salary of $40,000+, a dentist office, a doctors office, a bakery, lawyers office and an architectural firm. All with 10-12 employees with hours of operation 8 – 5 most with Monday – Friday schedules. They have located in other areas at this time.

      The CCAC controls what they want in Crozet and where they want it in Crozet. They even restricted neighborhood density to the north of Crozet by including language in the Revised Crozet Master Plan that prohibits neighborhood density to include retail/commercial infill except to the west and the east of Crozet. The language in the Revised Master Plan reads as follows: ” Neighborhood serving retail/commercial areas and office uses of less than 5,000 square feet may be allowed by exception only in Neighborhood Density Residential areas located within half a block of Downtown along Blue Ridge Avenue and east of Firehouse Lane.” There is no provision for any “infill” of this to the North of Crozet!!!!
      The Chairman of the CCAC, owns property to the west of the Crozet Downtown District with an assessed value of $2.397 MILLION dollars and a member of the Albemarle Planning Commission owns property on Blue Ridge Avenue assessed at $461,800.00, yet not once during review of the Crozet Master Plan and/or at any meeting did either one of these
      persons disclosure their holding to the community. I ASK YOU CROZET IS THIS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST?????? Is this the way you want Crozet to Grow? I would love to hear comments from Crozet residents???
      PS.. The Board of Supervisiors were made aware of this “Conflict of Interest” at their October 13, 2010 Public Hearing.

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