2017 Year in Review in Crozet

121 blog posts, 108 Instagram posts, and I’m not going to count how many tweets & FB posts.

A lot happened in Crozet in 2017.

Good stuff, some less good stuff, but  2017 ends with lots of new construction (about 1/3 of home sales in Crozet last year were new builds), more civic awareness and frustration, traffic, strong community, great shops, Perrone Robotics, a new privately- designed master plan, Great Valu changing & becoming the Crozet Market, the Crozet Calendar was well used, CCAC meetings provided a wealth of information, and Storify died.

For 2018, let’s be good to each other, get informed and involved even when something doesn’t affect your backyard, remember why we all choose Crozet, and be nice.

What follows is a snip of some of the highlights of 2017, as seen through the RealCrozetVA blog lens. The blog is the home of everything; the RealCrozetVA ecosystem includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I know this; the archives on the blog provide a valuable historical archive for the past decade+ in Crozet.

As I made my way through the year in review (for the second time), one thing is clear – a lot of the stuff happening now started months and years ago (see: NIFI, Adelaide, the Vue, transportation).

As a reminder, I’m a Realtor. My career and profession is representing buyers and sellers. I write/manage RealCrozetVA, now entering its 12th year, as a service to the Crozet community, and because I think RealCrozetVA comprises a “good thing.”

Questions/comments welcomed, here, at the FB post, or contact me.

Here we go.

January (10 posts)

February (14 posts)

March (9)

Crozet Trails signage
Behind Western Ridge

April (10)

Great Valu Crozet Open until 9pm
Great Valu Crozet Open until 9pm

May (4)

June (7)

July (9)

August (10)

Roseland Polo at King Family Vineyards
Roseland Polo at King Family Vineyards

September (11)

Just past Bloomfield, going into Charlottesville at 8:30 am
Just past Bloomfield, going into Charlottesville at 8:30 am

October (15)

Downtown Crozet Initiative

November (14)

Lost shoes at Lickinghole?

December (8)


If you’re curious, here is the 2013 year in review, and this is 2016.

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