Board Games & Card Games

by Paul Stadig

I enjoy playing modern, designer board games (the most recognizable examples being Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic), and I also like getting to know others in Crozet. It was natural to combine these two. That is how I started Crozet Games, a fun, casual, beginner friendly gaming meetup in Crozet.

In my opinion, modern, designer board games tend to be more fun. There’s more strategy and less reliance on luck. There are many new games coming out every year with a rich variety of complexity, themes, and mechanics. There are even kids games that adults can also enjoy. However, for me, games are always about socializing and getting to know others.

My vision is two distinct monthly gaming groups: one on a Saturday for all ages at the library where (with or without kids) families and people of all ages can play games together, and the other on a weeknight for adults to have a night out playing games at a rotation of venues around Crozet.

If either of these sounds interesting to you, I would suggest checking out the meetup group. There is more detailed information there. You can learn about upcoming meetups and RSVP to attend. I welcome anyone to come whether you RSVP or not, but it is helpful for planning to know who is coming. If you come without an RSVP, please at least consider bringing a game in case I haven’t brought enough games to support the number of players that show up.

Here are some upcoming meetups for Adults

Monday, Jan 16, 6:30-8pm, at Mudhouse (Card Games)
Wednesday, Feb 15, 6:30-8:30pm, at King Family (Games and Wine)
Tuesday, Mar 21, 7-9pm, at Crozet Library

And for All Ages

Saturday, Feb 4, 9-11am, at Crozet Library
Saturday, Mar 18, 9-11am, at Crozet Library
Hope to see you there!

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